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We organise unique wildlife watching adventures

Our tours help people reconnect with nature, understand it better
and experience the real, unspoiled Poland. Here's what you can expect:
Unscathed Polish Countryside

Unscathed Polish countryside

We offer tours in the unscathed nature & traditional Polish countryside with its fascinating history. You can experience the real Poland outside touristic areas. 

Respectful Wildlife Watching

Respectful wildlife watching

On our wildlife watching tours you can see wild bears, wolves, bison, rare birds and a lot more – without feeding and with minimum disturbance. We promote respectful wildlife watching.

Canoeing With Wild Poland And Overwhelming Wilderness

Overwhelming wilderness

On our wilderness tours you can go canoeing, sleep in a tent or even without it and truly immerse in wilderness. Reconnect with nature, recharge and get close to yourself.

Small Groups And Passionate Guides

Small groups, devoted guides

We travel in small groups so you get a very personal experience. Our guides are passionate about nature and come from these areas. They share their vast knowledge to help people understand how natural ecosystems work.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism

We stay at B&Bs, small family-run guesthouses or locally owned hotels. We hire local minibuses, shop at local groceries, farms and work with National Parks and local researchers. We stand for responsible travel and ecotourism. 

Our customers love us

Here are a few reasons why
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A truly stunning wildlife experience with a programme organised to perfection. We’ve been on many wildlife holidays and tours and this was probably the best curated we’ve ever had.

 – Richard, UK, June 2022

Extraordinary trip. I do not regret having entrusted the organisation of this trip to this company, which provided impeccable services. The guide knows the nature of this region like the back of his hand, not only about the mammals and birds, but also about plants, butterflies, insects… a living encyclopaedia about the ecosystem of the Bialowieza forest and the Biebrza marshes!

 – Philippe, France, May 2022

Close encounters with bisons we will never forget.

– Hannelore & Piet, BE, Oct 2021

Besides the wildlife and the forests I loved the landscape, especially this time of the year, as it looks/feels you have all seasons in a day.

– Liesbeth Gort, NL, Oct 2021

I would love to do another tour with Wild Poland! 

– Oisin MacNamara, UK, Oct 2021

We have always done safaris outside Europe, but were pleasantly surprised by what Poland has to offer: lot of bison, fox, moose, cranes, beavers. If you like wildlife, book with Wild Poland! 

– Karin & Eric, BE, Oct 2021

We are sure to be back to a tour or a festival with Wild Poland in the next years.

– Daniela & Fred, CH, Sep 2021

The trip to see beavers was exceptional. Seeing groups of cranes every morning and evening was also wonderful. I hope to return one day and see different things in a springtime.

– Danny Byrne, UK, Sep 2021

I’ve been on two trips: Spring Wildlife Festival & Carpathian Mammals tour. Both really different and excellent. My main goal was to see wolves & bison. But in the end I’ve seen much more and learned so much. For example, I learned a lot about tracking which is actually much more exciting than I expected. Seen so many birds in Białowieża which got me much more excited than I would have guessed. The guides do really their best so you would see what you want to see.

 – Gregory, BE, Oct 2020

“If you only saw what you came for, you probably missed out a lot” – this is so true! Saw many amazing things that I didn’t expect to see. Great general experience and fun! The trips I will remember. 

– Gregory Pincket, BE, Oct 2020

Even if we had not seen the bison and wolves that we wanted to see, it would have still been worth it – but we did see these wonderful wild animals! Really perfect, 10/10 

– Ian & Nancy, DE, Sep 2020

Long unhurried walks through spectacular landscapes, grandeur & calmness of both: Forest & Marshes.

–  Marzena Prejbisz, UK, Sep 2020

This was one of my most unusual holidays, which I greatly enjoyed and highly recommend.

– Karin Kuehnel, UK, Aug 2020

If you want to see a range of European wildlife Wild Poland will always come good. I have been with them six times before and always found them excellent.

 – Colin, UK, Jan 2020

Wild Poland staff are amazing – so much fun! I’d been on the Spring Festival and wanted to come back in winter.

– 2019 festival participant

Well organised and thought out, the guides were very knowledgable and all were enthusiasts which showed. Confidently professional when necessary but approachable and good company too.

– 2019 festival participant

Upcoming tours with spaces available

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Last update: 26 Sep 2023
Bison In The Białowieża Forest

Białowieża Forest & Biebrza Marshes

Visit the famous Białowieża Forest and Biebrza Marshes with their tremendous variety of wildlife. Watch Bison, Elks, Beavers and plentiful birdlife.

Spring – Summer – Autumn
8 days
| from 6950 PLN (€1510) - early bookings price!
Small groups: 6-12 persons
Tour details
Wolves In The Białowieża Forest By Adam Buszko

Bison Safari & Wolf tracking

Spend three nights in the Primeval Białowieża Forest, see Europe’s biggest land mammal – the European Bison and go tracking Wolves in the wild.

All year
4 days
| from 3250 PLN (€710) - early bookings price!
Small groups: 6-12 persons
Tour details
Wolf In The Snow, Poland

Winter Wildlife Festival

Go tracking Wolves, Lynx and watch Bison in the beautiful snowy landscape of the Białowieża Forest and Biebrza Marshes. Listen to evening talks by leading local researchers for an even greater insight.

20 – 27 Jan 2024
8 days
| from 4950 PLN (€) - early bookings price!
Tour details

Site guides & maps

If you travel on your own and prefer self guiding
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