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We work hard to show wildlife up close in their natural habitat with minimum disturbance and within the code of ecotourism. We educate our staff and local services providers on how to do it in the most responsible and nature-respectable way. We believe this is the best approach to spread knowledge and help saving the endangered nature and culture of Eastern Europe and in the long run – our planet.

Wonder how we do it?


Breakfast at a family-run guesthouse in Białowieża

Breakfast at a family-run guesthouse in Białowieża

We care about local economy

  • In general, we employ and sub-contract several local guides, actively seek for new, dedicated people and educate them about our policy.
  • During our tours, we stay in small, family run guesthouses and agro-tourist farms where the hosts are nature friendly and use not only local products but often grow their own food, too.
  • Our 4 and 8-day tours are led by a local tour leader and accompanied by one or two additional local guides from local communities for certain trips: a local scientist or a researcher for trips in the Nature Reserves, a local farmer for a boat trip.
  • During our tours, we visit a number of local farms for lunch (locally produced) or just hot drinks (tea, coffee) and wildlife viewing sites, watch towers etc. We make sure all these local farmers are paid fairly for their service, even if we only use their grounds for wilflife watching.
  • Whenever possible, we sub-contract local minibus providers that employ local drivers.

We care about environment

Watching a herd of wild European Bison from a safe distance

Watching a herd of wild European Bison from a safe distance

At our office

  • At our office, we have a strict policy on paper reusing and minimising its use in the first place
  • We only use 100% recycled, non-bleached paper for printers
  • We recycle our printer cartridges
  • We focus on online marketing and don’t produce an excess of printed brochures
  • The printed guidebooks that we publish are always also offered as e-books

During our tours

  • We encourage travellers to bring their own reusable water bottles and inform them on our policy of minimising water use
  • We visit several nature protection sites (National Parks, Nature Reserves) where an entry fee is a direct or indirect contribution to the area’s protection and conservation scheme
  • We educate travellers about particular nature protection problems and proceedings in certain areas
  • We apply a very strict policy on minimising our disturbance to nature and wildlife at any time i.e. proper behaviour when out in the wild, not approaching wildlife too close, avoiding trampling of the forest floor and fens etc.
  • We minimise our usage of cars and suggest nature friendly transportation like walking, cycling, kayaking whenever possible.

We care about local society

Dsc00961 Compressed

Local farmer invited us into his unusually tidy barn

  • All our tours are accompanied by a local guide who is environmentally trained and socially aware.
  • During our tours we always make sure that our guides pay attention and explain about local culture, especially the ethnic minorities that contribute to the specificity of the area.
  • Visiting local communities is an important part of all our tours, we encourage travellers to chat to locals and buy their local produce, souvenirs etc.
  • Visiting local nature protection sites is an important part of all our tours and we make sure our guides explain the details of nature protection problems in certain areas. We ask local project managers to have a short talk to our groups whenever possible.
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