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I personally want and need to express my congratulations for your professionalism and for the care you have reserved to the arrangement of our trip. I also wanted to congratulate about the way you approach nature with tourists respecting animals and the environment in general. A special thanks to Andrzej who has been the best nature guide we have ever met. We will definitely suggest your trips to our friends here in Italy.

Gabriele Pierini & Bianca Maria Minetti, Italy, 8 March 2016

It’s no exaggeration to say we enjoyed every moment of our stay in Bialoweiza
– our guide was extremely knowledgable, helpful at all times and ensured we had a great stay.
We were excited to visit after reading the itinerary and it was every bit as good as we hoped – or better.
We will definitely come back for more Wild Poland tours!

Dan Nixon, UK, 19 Oct 2015

Absolutely fantastic. Saw 14 species of mammals in just two days.
Brilliant guide who shared a lot of knowledge on the animals, the area and it’s history.
Would recommend this to anyone wanting to see a decent amount of wildlife in an amazing country!
Thanks again for an unforgettable trip!

James Ford, UK, 23 March 2015

Dear Lukasz, thanks a lot for your support, your information and the well organised trips in Bialowieza!!!
The guided tours with Arek to the Bisons and through the strict reserve were amazing
and everybody enjoyed this lovely morning.

Martin Schulze, Germany, 10 June 2013

The guide is very important. Lukasz is one of the three or four best guides I met in my life.
He is very competent and very friendly. All the members of the group were impressed by his knowledge.
We hope to be back soon in Poland and meet him again in these beautiful notheastern Polish landscapes.

Jean François Birckel, Rennes, France
13 February 2014

Many thanks for the pdf site guides to Biebrza and Bailowieza.
Ordering, payment and delivery was very easy and very quick. I have had a quick look through both the site guides and they are excellent and full of loads of useful information to help me begin to plan my trip to north east Poland from the UK next May. You have obviously put a lot of work in to preparing them.

Richard Chew, Laindon, Essex, UK, 4 July 2012

Lukasz more than exceeded the brief we gave him when asking for his help in designing and helping to deliver our wildlife tour, throughout the process he was attentive to the needs of our company and clients.
This attention to client care is equally as important as knowledge of the wildlife one hopes to encounter, luckily Lukasz also has this knowledge in abundance.

John Rhyder, UK, 5 March 2013, Woodcraft School Ltd

Thank you so much for taking us out into the Bialowieza Forest in Poland, we had an amazing time and really enjoyed our short break. We were really thrilled when we eventually saw the Bison, I’m so pleased the waiting paid off. The foxes were fantastic in the glade just outside Budy too. Thanks once again.

Robyn Watson, UK
2 September 2013

I just want to say thank you!! It was the best trip, exactly the way I like!!! Everything was unforgettable!! I was loving the trip already, but when we were taking all the morning to see the beavers with no luck, and you said that we have the whole day, and we could search for them in the night, I realized that you were not going to give up to show me the beaver!! Even if we did not see them, just for you to try was worth it!!

Andrea Schmidt, Brasil, 28 February 2013

Just got back from a week with Lukasz. What he doesn’t know about the Bierbza and Bialowieza National Parks is probably not worth knowing. We saw otter, beaver, elk, bison, deer, boar, red squirrel, various woodpeckers and saw a very fresh wolf kill and tracks and signs from pine martens, badger, fox, racoon dog, stoat, wolf, owls, and on and on. The landscapes were stunning and his jokes were terrible!

Toby Williams, UK, 3 February 2013

In September last year, me and my boyfriend Tim spent a couple of days in Bialowieza. We had a great trip, mainly thanks to the fantastic information in the site guide that we bought from your site. Thanks for putting so much effort into it. Anyone visiting the region without this source of information is being a fool.
We loved the info, maps, pictures, descriptions and humour! Cheers, and keep up the good work!

Stefanie Lahaye, Belgium, 10 April 2012

Eastern Eden: Poland’s primeval wildernesses
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Wolf Tracking 4 days 6 Oct – 9 Oct 2017 available 3850 PLN
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Bison Safari 4 days 20 Oct – 23 Oct 2017 available 2950 PLN
Wolf Tracking 4 days 3 Nov – 6 Nov 2017 available 3850 PLN
3250 PLN
Wolf Tracking 4 days 8 Dec – 11 Dec 2017


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Bison Safari 4 days 15 Dec – 18 Dec 2017 available 2950 PLN
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Wildlife Watching Festival 9 days 19 May – 27 May 2018


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Visit Poland’s best National Parks as well as Warsaw, Kraków and Auschwitz.

A perfect mix of wildlife watching, traditional Polish landscapes, gorgeous cuisine and cultural sightseeing.

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Primeval Forest & Marshes – 8 days

Complete packages with transfer, hotel, food and guiding.

The best dates to see a large variety of birds and mammals of the Białowieża Forest and Biebrza Marshes.

Additional short visit and lunch in the Warsaw old town.

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Short breaks – 4 days

Complete packages with transfer, hotel, food and guiding.

Based on weekends (Fri–Mon) and tailored to see Bison, Elk (Moose), Beaver and tracking Wolves.

Additional short visit and lunch in the Warsaw old town.

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A few pictures from our trips

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Elks (Moose) In The Biebrza Marshes, Elk Safari In Oct 2013
Elks (Moose) In The Biebrza Marshes, Elk Safari In Oct 2013

Elks (Moose) in the Biebrza Marshes, Beaver & Elk Safari 4-day tour in Oct 2013

Wolf In The Białowieża Forest, Seen At Our Spring Birds & Mammals 8-day Tour In May 2012

Wolf in the Białowieża Forest, seen at our Spring Wildlife 8-day tour in May 2012

Bison In The Białowieża Forest, Winter Bison Safari & Wolf Tracking 4-day Tour In Jan 2012

Bison in the Białowieża Forest, Winter Bison Safari & Wolf Tracking 4-day tour in Jan 2012

Pygmy Owl In The Białowieża Forest, Spring Birds & Mammals 8-day Tour In May 2014

Pygmy Owl in the Białowieża Forest, Spring Wildlife 8-day tour in May 2014

Beaver In The Biebrza Marshes, Elk, Beavers And Otters Safari 4-day Tour In Feb 2014

Beaver in the Biebrza Marshes, Winter Elk, Beavers and Otters Safari 4-day tour in Feb 2014

Three-toed Woodpecker In The Białowieża Forest, Spring Birds & Mammals 8-day Tour In April 2014

Three-toed Woodpecker in the Białowieża Forest, Spring Wildlife 8-day tour in April 2014

Wolves In The Białowieża Forest, Winter Mammals 8-day Tour In Feb 2014

Wolves in the Białowieża Forest, Winter Wildlife 8-day tour in Feb 2014

Otters In The Biebrza Marshes, Winter Mammals 8-day Tour In Feb 2013

Otters in the Biebrza Marshes, Winter Wildlife 8-day tour in Feb 2013

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