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I’m Tomasz, and I’m Łukasz. We run Wild Poland on a daily basis.
We are also crazy about wildlife and we guide a lot of tours ourselves.

Welcome to our site!

If you only saw what you wanted, you probably missed a lot

About Wild Poland

We are a small but growing wildlife watching tours company started in 2006 to serve foreign nature lovers in Poland.

Today, we group several experienced wildlife local guides, fanatic nature lovers, keen photographers, mammal trackers and birders. Many are academics, others work in National Parks or nature conservancy NGO’s. All of us share one thing – a great passion for wildlife.

Our mission

We work hard to show wildlife up close in their natural habitat with minimum disturbance and high regard of ecotourism.

We also teach others how to do it in the most respectable way. We believe this is the best approach to spread knowledge and help saving the endangered nature of Eastern Europe and in the long run – our planet.

Meet the team

Nothing beats local knowledge.
If you need a wildlife guide in Poland, we are the ones to ask.

Mariola Przyborowska

Office Manager

Andrzej Petryna

Wildlife Guide

Bartosz Smyk

Wildlife Guide

Marta Świtała

Wildlife Guide

Zuzanna Pestka

Wildlife Guide

Oliwier Myka

Wildlife Guide

Piotr Dębowski

Wildlife Guide

Michał Skierczyński

Wildlife Guide

Ewa Zin

Wildlife Guide

Irek Smerczyński

Wildlife Guide

Joanna Smerczyńska

Wildlife Guide

Michał Polakowski

Wildlife Guide

Jarek Matusiak

Wildlife Guide

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And we have nothing to hide 😉

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numbers still growing 😉

What our customers say

It was fantastic to see wild bison as well as rare woodpeckers in the Białowieża Forest. The guide with excellent birding knowledge. Good, traditional Polish food. Plus we got to see wolves!

Thomas Hedmark, Sweden, 6 Jan 2017

It was traditional and authentic, not commercial.

Helen Bascombe, UK, 14 Jul 2017

Huge congratulations for the way you approach nature with tourists and your respect to animals and the environment in general. Andrzej has been the best nature guide we have ever met.

G. Pierini & Bianca M. Minetti, Italy, 8 March 2016

Pleasantly surprised how close some encounters with the Bison were. The guide made the information much more interesting here, than in the tropics!

Alec Watson, UK, 20 Feb 2017

We were excited to visit after reading the itinerary and it was every bit as good as we hoped - or better. Our guide was extremely knowledgable, helpful at all times and ensured we had a great stay.

Dan Nixon, UK, 19 Oct 2015

Absolutely fantastic. Saw 14 species of mammals in just two days. Brilliant guide who shared a lot of knowledge on the animals, the area and it's history. Thanks again Lukas for an unforgettable trip!

James Ford, UK, 23 March 2015

It was such a wonderful experience to see wolves in the wild!

Iwona Gileff, Australia, 6 Jan 2017

Everything about the trip exceeded our expectations, from the superb guiding, huge range of wildlife and the excellent accommodation and food.

David Corns, Birmingham, UK, 27 May 2017

I particularly liked the stillness of this beautiful region. The highlight was having a beaver glide right next to our boat on the beaver safari, I’ve never been so close!

Jess Clark-Jones, UK, 19 Aug 2017

Lukasz more than exceeded the brief we gave him when asking for his help in designing our wildlife tour. He was attentive to the needs of our company and clients. This attention to client care is equally as important as knowledge of the wildlife one hopes to encounter, luckily Lukasz also has this knowledge in abundance.

John Rhyder, Woodcraft School Ltd, UK, 5 March 2013

Superlatives roll off the tongue for this trip. Excellent, amazing and extremely well organized will have to suffice. We had good views of so much wildlife with great birds and terrific mammals, will stay long in the memory. Our journeys were safely driven.

John & Michelle Edwards, Spain, 18 Mar 2017

Just got back from a week with Lukasz. What he doesn’t know about the Bierbza and Bialowieza National Parks is probably not worth knowing. We saw otter, beaver, elk, bison, deer, boar, red squirrel, various woodpeckers and saw a very fresh wolf kill and tracks and signs from pine martens, badger, fox, racoon dog, stoat, wolf, owls, and on and on. The landscapes were stunning and his jokes were terrible!

Toby Williams, UK, 3 February 2013

We had a great trip in Bialowieza, mainly thanks to the fantastic information in the PDF Site Guide that we bought from your site. Thanks for putting so much effort into it. We loved the info, maps, pictures, descriptions and humour!

Stefanie & Tim Lahaye, Belgium, 10 April 2012

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