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Warszawa, 28 June 2022


We understand that the war in Ukraine and conflicts with Belarus may raise concerns about travelling to Poland.

Indeed the last few months were challenging. Although travelling to Ukraine or Belarus is now not advised by many embassies, Poland is considered safe and we took over 4 mln refugees into our territory. Vast majority of those who stayed have found accommodation, mostly in the towns and cities, often within their friends and relatives that lived in Poland for a few years already or within Polish families. Hotels and guesthouses are now available to visitors as usual, there are no large scale refugee camps and life goes on peacefully. There is an increased military presence at the border but the conflict with Belarus has also stabilised as Poland has finished building the border wall.

In fact, with all this effort, Poles do need your support now. Everything is open and people are now encouraged to travel in the eastern Poland to support the local economy that depends on tourism.  We have run five 8-day Primeval Forest & Marshes tours this spring already, with customers from UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Italy and Denmark, and many short tours for Polish nature lovers. Here is a quote from one review we received from the last tour in early June 2022: (full review on trip advisor here ›)

With the war and conflicts with Belarus, we carefully thought about making this trip but we were delighted we made the effort. As so many Polish people said to us: “The war is in Ukraine, not in Poland”. We felt safe at all times and we believe that supporting the economy of Poland, while the country and its people are providing huge help to war refugees, was an important decision which we’re delighted we took.

We also understand that the ongoing energy crisis and rising inflation lifts the costs of travelling for everyone. Therefore we have talked to all our team, hotels, restaurants, minibus owners and all other subcontractors and regardless of the 2-digit inflation in Poland we managed to lower the basic prices of most our tours by about 10%. Moreover, we now offer further discounts for the first 4-6 bookings to ensure we can guarantee as many departures as possible – so the sooner you book the better price you will get.

We hope you will make the right decision to travel with us and we guarantee you will not regret. Once again we can let our customers speak:

“If you only came to see what you were looking for, you probably missed a lot”. Once again, Wild Poland’s slogan proved to be quite true for this extraordinary trip from 21 May to 28 May 2022. I do not regret having entrusted the organisation of this trip to this company, which provided impeccable services. (more at trip advisor website here ›)

or another quote from our last tour in early June 2022:

A truly stunning wildlife experience with a programme organised to perfection. We’ve been on many wildlife holidays and tours and this was probably the best curated we’ve ever had.


Your holiday starts the moment you book. It is just as easy as deciding which tour to take and we take care of the rest:

We can’t wait to see you here!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions,

Tomasz and Łukasz

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