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Biebrza Site Guide PDF

5.0 (12 reviews)


Where to watch birds and large mammals of the Biebrza Marshes

by Łukasz Mazurek

This book contains the most comprehensive and up to date information on where to find and watch wild birds and mammals of the Biebrza Marshes area, all year round.


On 95 pages in full colour you will find:

  • 58 spots in the Biebrza National Park area and the neighbouring Narew Valley thoroughly described and powered by GPS coordinates
  • 36 detailed maps drawn by a local guide featuring car parks, viewing spots and exact species location
  • Over 30 colour photographs featuring the landscape and species seen at the spots to give you even more insight into the areas mentioned
  • Complete species lists of common to rarest birds and large mammals seen in each spot
  • Full list of birds of the North-eastern Poland with their status and dates of arrival when applicable in Latin, English, German and Polish
  • List of large mammals to be spotted in the NE Poland in Latin, English, German and Polish
  • The lists/indexes of sites where the rarest and most wanted species can be spotted – for your convenience in planning the trip

Note from the author:


Lukasz from Wild Poland in the Biebrza
Lukasz from Wild Poland in the Biebrza

There are loads of tours visiting NE Poland and I’ve guided many of them. Within time I’ve discovered nobody has ever shared their local knowledge of the Biebrza Marshes on a large scale for the benefit of independent travellers.

People come to Poland for a few days of their holiday to see the rare species and if they don’t manage or simply don’t want to hire a local guide they often struggle to see all they want on their own. I meet them in the field with a map in one hand and a stack of leaflets in the other, far too often. But things you’re up to could often be seen from your hotel back yard  if you had the right information on arrival.

The important word here is information. That’s what this Site Guide is about. It’s not a sweet Biebrza tale with nice photos, there have been many of them already. Nor is it a single trip report. I share all my local knowledge here; moreover, it’s other guides’ and local birdwatchers’ observations from last several years that contributed as well. All of that to give you the most comprehensive and up to date information on where to find and watch wild birds and mammals of the Biebrza Marshes area, all year round.

Good luck!
Łukasz Mazurek

Additional information


PDF file, 95 pages in full colour, printable, smartphone & iBooks compatible (4,3 MB)




English (incl. humour :)

12 reviews for Biebrza Site Guide PDF

  1. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Marcus Mauthe, Germany – Greenpeace Photographer

    With this detailed Site Guide I was able to plan the trip in advance and make the best use of every minute of my stay. Even if you’re new to the Biebrza you can be sure you won’t miss any site worth seeing or species.

    And if you‘re taking photos, Lukasz has shared lots of time-saving hints.

    Travelling with this book full of precise descriptions and maps feels like being guided by a person. Magnificent work.

    Marcus Mauthe, Greenpeace Photographer

  2. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Peter J Dunn, UK – Naturetrek Tour Leader

    Great piece of work and I now know that I have only scratched the surface of Biebrza in the seven visits I have made.

    This invaluable resource deals in the detail that every visitor wants, in order to see the best wildlife the area can offer. Lukasz obviously knows the marshes intimately and his knowledge has been well documented in this guide.

    If you travel without this, you will miss out on many good sightings. Enjoy.

    Peter J Dunn, Naturetrek Tour Leader

  3. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Pat and Bob Rishton, UK

    We are very impressed with our downloaded Site Guide.

    A very thorough, easy to read, well laid out guide. It was a very easy way to access information and has printed out well.

    It also does not matter if we get the information wet or muddy in the field as we can just print another copy off on our return!

    Well done. Now we are waiting for our visit next week.

    Pat and Bob Rishton

  4. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    David Eaton, UK

    I have bought the Biebrza Site Guide and I must say that I am very pleased with it.

    The buying process is simple and quick (…) As for the guide it is very detailed with a wealth of sites mentioned that I haven’t read about anywhere else.

    I am very pleased with the additional info on mammals, reptiles and plants, that will add further interest to our trip. The maps in the guide are clear and easy to understand and the photos are great, really giving you an idea of what to expect and look forward to. The details of places to eat will also be useful since we are camping.

    I am especially pleased with the sites given for Spotted Eagle and Greenish Warbler. I have scoured the Internet looking for reliable sites for these two species and have found very little on them so that is brilliant.

    Thank you very much.

    David Eaton

  5. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Ignaas Robbe, Belgium

    I’ve browsed through the Biebrza Site Guide PDF file and I must say it looks pretty fantastic; only people who are often in the Biebrza can give such good, practical and clear information.

    On June 1st I travel to the area for the 15th or 16th time in 10 years, so I will try some “new” areas I did not know and which are described in your book and I am looking forward to some new “discoveries”.

    I wish you all the best with the guide on Bialowieza; you have already one customer who will buy it.

    Best regards from Belgium,
    Ignaas Robbe

  6. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    David and Ben Eaton & Peter Sofley, UK

    Just writing to say thanks for all the information that you gave us, arranging for Arek to show us around and especially the Biebrza Site Guide.

    We had a brilliant time and saw many excellent birds. Highlights included seeing all 10 woodpeckers, the 3 big Eagles, Hazel Grouse, Citrine Wagtail, Aquatic Warbler and a lot more.

    We did well to see 5 Bison at Teremiski, a Beaver at Tykocin and a few Moose.

    Excellent trip, Poland is great!
    David and Ben Eaton & Peter Sofley

  7. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Peter M. Macdonald, Scotland

    I was one of the first to buy your first guide book in PDF format. It was very useful when we visited Poland in the summer.

    Peter M. Macdonald

  8. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Franck Renard, Belgium

    I am just back from my stay in Poland. These few words to say to you that your Biebrza Site Guide was precious.

    Your information is the real “gold mine”. Thanks to your work, I won a lot of time and I was able to go to the best places, in the best conditions. I realized numerous pictures and I had a lot of happiness to observe birds in this magnificent region of Biebrza.

    Thank you still for your sharing of knowledge and your excellent work.

    Franck Renard, Belgium

  9. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Richard Chew, Laindon, Essex, UK

    Many thanks for the pdf site guides to Biebrza and Bialowieza. Ordering, payment and delivery was very easy and very quick.

    I have had a quick look through both the site guides and they are excellent and full of loads of useful information to help me begin to plan my trip to north east Poland from the UK next May (unfortunately a long time to go!). You have obviously put a lot of work in to preparing them. Your website is also excellent.

    There are so many sites to consider and there is obviously a wealth of wildlife to enjoy.
    I look forward to visiting your wonderful country next year.

    Best wishes

  10. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Alberto Venturelli

    Dear Lukasz,

    I finally got your guides and I am already exploiting them (5 wolves at Babia Gura yesterday night !!!)

    Honestly speaking I did not have so much confidence on having this download problem solved on Aug 15th when almost everybody is on holyday, but you took care of it and sorted it out promptly and effectively. The man who conceived and realised the Briebza+Bialowieza guides is prooved to be a reliable, professional and skilled man I can witness… therefore his guides must be at the same level.

    I thank you again for your assistance and I will recommend you to everyone that can be interested in what you do.

    All the best!
    Alberto Venturelli

  11. Raoul Kluivers

    Great stuff!! Keep up the good work!

  12. Jarek Scanferla

    Wonderful guide, helped me a lot! Sadly this year the water level was quite low so we didnt see as much as expected (but still a lot). Maybe next year it will be better. The Biebrza-area is huge and we did not have much time but with this guide we could pick out the best spots. I recommend it to everyone who wants to visit this beautiful area!
    Tank you!

    • Mariola Przyborowska

      Thank you for your comment Jarek, glad to hear you enjoyed your visit!

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