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Białowieża Site Guide Paperback

5.0 (4 reviews)


Where to watch birds and large mammals of the Białowieża Forest.

by Łukasz Mazurek & Tomasz Jezierczuk

This is the most comprehensive and practical guidebook to this complex area ever published. It unveils the exact locations of the rare birds and large mammals, to see all year round.

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On 218 colour pages you will find:

  • 59 sites in the Białowieża Forest and around Siemianówka Lake described in detail with GPS coordinates and full species lists
  • 71 detailed maps drawn by the authors, featuring suggested routes, viewing spots and exact species location
  • 123 photographs showing the landscape and species at the site to give you an idea of the place
  • Advice and hints on where and how to watch the rarest species, including all European WoodpeckersBisonWolf and Lynx
  • The lists and indexes of best sites recommended for most bird and mammal species!

Note from the authors:

The Authors
The Authors

Guiding naturalists for over 15 years made us take note and think differently. We’ve noticed that people come to Poland for a few days of their holiday to enjoy wildlife and are often left struggling around on their own.

Precise information is invaluable. That’s what this Site Guide is all about. In this book, we share all our local knowledge on where to find, all year round, the rare birds and large mammals of the Białowieża Forest.

We hope you enjoy reading this new edition as much as we enjoyed researching and making it. We wish you many unforgettable wildlife sightings, that you see everything you wanted and a lot more!

Good luck!
Łukasz Mazurek & Tomasz Jezierczuk


Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 14 cm

Priority Post, € 7.70 in Europe

Perfect paperback

218 pages in full colour on coated matte paper




English (incl. humour :)

4 reviews for Białowieża Site Guide Paperback

  1. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Dick Filby, UK

    The Białowieża forest is one of my most favourite areas in Europe. The authors, who know the area like the back of their hands, have done an excellent and authoritative job with this handy and comprehensive guide. The fine detail for so many sites make it an outstanding and near perfect companion, bettered only if you can persuade the authors to guide you personally. I urge you to take it to Białowieża as soon as you can, and stay awhile – you won’t regret a moment. Some of my most fond memories from the past 16 years come from Białowieża at dawn or dusk. Enjoy the magic – while you can.

    Dick Filby, UK – Tour leader for WildWings & visitor to Białowieża since 1995

  2. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Frederic Demeuse, Belgium

    Congratulations for your book Bialowieza Site Guide, a real must for every person interested to go straight to the point. What an excellent work and idea! Thank you for for your professionalism and for sharing with us your passion, knowledge and precious work. All the best in the future”

    Frederic Demeuse, Belgium – visitted 4 times since April 2011!

  3. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Pat Pykett, UK

    Thanks again for all your advice & help. I’ve read & re-read your book from cover to cover. It’s one of the most informative & useful guides I’ve come across. We’ll really put it to the test for the woodpeckers next month! Good birding

    Pat Pykett, UK

  4. Łukasz Mazurek, Wild Poland

    Stefanie Lahaye, Belgium

    With this amazing book you’ll find all the greatest spots. It is a priceless source of information. The information was correct and we had many great sightings thanks to this book. It includes a map of the area.

    Further subsections treat different parts of the area more in detail. For each subsection a range of foot and bike trails are suggested. The GPS coordinates to the start of the trails are also included. There is information on time needed for all the trails, which shoes to wear, when to go (in the year and in the day)… More importantly there is also a list included on common, less common and rare species which you may encounter (mainly birds, but also lots of info on mammals).

    For each trail there is a detailed colour map with numbers which indicate where to keep an extra eye open for which species. A description of the trail (in English – just in case you were wondering) gives extra directions and information on species sightings. The whole is illustrated with nice pictures.

    The book also included extra general information on the history of the area and the animals, where to stay and eat, how to behave when meeting officials, … I feel like I’m selling the thing by now but it is just a great book which is very easy to use, attractive to look at and which gives fantastic information! No more extra preparation needed with this one!

    For our trip report, I mainly use the numbers of the trails used in the Site guide. As this book was such a great help to us, it seems rather unfair to spread all the info we got from it just like that. Who wants to have the exact spots for sightings should better spend a few euros and purchase it from the authors, that clearly put a lot of effort in writing it.

    Lahaye Stefanie, Belgium

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