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Poland Birding Festival

See the Aquatic Warbler, 9 species of Woodpeckers, Pygmy Owl.
There is so much more to discover. Including European Bison.
17 – 25 May 2025

Poland Birding Festival

See the Aquatic Warbler, 9 species of Woodpeckers, Pygmy Owl.
There is so much more to discover. Including European Bison.
17 – 25 May 2025

Poland Birding Festival

See the Aquatic Warbler, 9 species of Woodpeckers, Pygmy Owl.
There is so much more to discover. Including European Bison.
17 – 25 May 2025

It's not just 150+ bird species in a week. It is spectacular birdwatching of many species now lost from European forests and farmland. Passionate guides with years of experience. Unspoiled countryside and virgin forests. Unbelievable value.

Imagine watching a Red-backed Shrike and a Barred Warbler together… River Warbler and Thrush Nightingale in the next willow bush… Marsh Warbler and Corncrake calling in the distance… White-backed Woodpecker drumming, Grey-headed Woodpecker and Icterine Warbler whistling overhead while several Wrynecks are calling around you… All in the 15 minutes outside your hotel, before a hearty Polish breakfast.

We invite you for a magical week in the Poland’s best birding sites – Białowieża Primeval Forest and Biebrza Marshes. Poland’s leading guides will offer day drips tailored for you to see all the best birds of Europe: 9 species of Woodpeckers, Great Snipe, Aquatic Warbler or Greater Spotted Eagle. But there is so much more – Pygmy Owl, Collared and Red-breasted Flycatchers, Bluethroat, Citrine Wagtail, Whiskered or White-winged Terns. The variety and numbers of some birds are unbelievable.

Furthermore, this area holds the world’s largest wild population of European Bison along with Elks (Moose) and Beavers and all three have been seen well on all previous festivals! On top of that – Wolves and Lynx are also very strong and we’ve had customers spotting them on most festivals since 2016.

You will also get a chance to visit the Strict Protection Area of the Białowieża National Park for a few hours walk. We will have the permission to enter the core area of the forest – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pristine, natural forest of huge, centuries-old trees that are home to the rarest Black, White-backed and Three-toed Woodpeckers.

Finally, according to our mission, we will continue to recommend numerous options for self guided walks so you can discover the forest at your own pace and benefit from some private time.

17 – 25 May 2025


9 days, 8 nights
Start and end: Warsaw

Board & lodging

8 nights guesthouse/hotel
Breakfasts & dinners included




Walking (flat surfaces)

Small groups

3-12 participants on trips
Minimum age: 15 yrs


From: 3850 PLN (£760) per person – early bookings price!
Deposit: 500 PLN
Single room: +850 PLN

Exceptional birdwatching guaranteed

All photos and videos were taken on our previous trips

What our customers say

How it works

Outline itinerary

Day 1

Join us in Warsaw by 13:00 and transfer to the Białowieża Forest.

Days 2–8

Wildlife watching in the Białowieża Forest and other areas – do it yourself or join our guided trips.

Day 9

Transfer to Warsaw, finish by 14:00.

The basic price includes the transfer and half board accommodation

The festival starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive at Warsaw at their own expense. We meet at 13:00, 17 May 2025 downtown Warsaw in front of the Palace of Culture and Science and transfer to our lodge in Narewka village just at the edge of the Białowieża Forest. If you arrive by train or a car – contact us for detailed directions.

The lodge is located at a riverside with direct access to the river where Kingfishers and Beavers live. Behind the river are lush meadows with Corncrakes, Barred, River and other Warblers. We have also seen wild Bison there! A few minutes walk takes you into the Białowieża Forest with its variety of woodpeckers, flycatchers and so on.

On the last day, we transfer you back to Warsaw. We plan to arrive at Warsaw and finish by 14:00. Basic participation costs include the transfer, accommodation, plentiful breakfasts and 3-course dinners. If you feel like watching wildlife on your own – it’s all you pay for. You will even receive a detailed map of the area and suggestions for self guided walks to help your personal exploration.

Wildlife watching trips are optional; charged on the spot

On the grounds of our lodge we will run the Festival Office where you will be able to find out and subscribe to our guided wildlife watching trips on a daily basis. We will offer at least 3–4 different trips each day according to current wildlife situation and weather. These trips include transportation, guiding and all entry fees.

The trips will be priced according to their length and driving distance. A typical trip is 4-6 hrs long and costs 200–350 PLN (ca. €45–80). There is no limit to the number of people taking part in a festival but our guided trips always run in small groups, 3–12 persons, usually max. 7 persons.

This way you compose your own itinerary on the spot and are charged for the trips you choose, separately. Only debit or credit cards are accepted (Visa and MasterCard), so no cash is needed. All trips start and finish at the lodge.

A variety of reasonably priced trips will be offered

Below is a small selection of trips from our previous festivals. The exact trips offered may differ from these. We may also offer additional short trips according to current wildlife situation and your suggestions, even for single species or a historical tour of wooden villages. Many trips will take place at dawn and dusk for best wildlife activity, leaving enough time in the day to rest.

Rosefinch In The Białowieża Forest By Michael Eick

Birding – river valley, 4 hrs

Birdwatching for all the local rarities incl. Barred, River, Icterine, Savi’s, Great Reed, Marsh Warblers as well as Red-backed Shrike, Rosefinch, Wryneck, Thrush Nightingale and more!

Great Snipe Lekking By Yves Adams. Białowieża Area

Great Snipe lek, 5 hrs

This is an unforgettable evening trip to the marshland. Watch one of Europe’s rarest birds – Great Snipe at sunset and witness their remarkable lekking behaviour. Other likely species include Common Snipe, Woodcock, Marsh Terns, Marsh and Montagu’s Harrier, Short-eared Owl or even Elk!

Black Woodpecker In The Biebrza Marshes By Łukasz Mazurek

Birding – woodpeckers and flycatchers, 4hrs

This trip has many alternatives of 3-4 hrs walk in various forest habitats to find White-backed, Black, Three-toed, Middle- and Lesser-spotted, Grey-headed Woodpeckers as well as Collared and Red-breasted Flycatchers, Wood Warblers and more!

Lynx In The Białowieża Forest At Dusk By Joanna Smerczyńska

Dawn Patrol, 4hrs

A drive and/or a walk at some of our favourite forest patches. This is the trip that each year brings us some Wolf or Lynx sightings. But there is so much more to see! Wild European Bison, Wild Boar, Pine Marten…

Pygmy Owl In The Białowieża Forest

Pygmy Owl, 4hrs

A thrilling dawn or dusk trip trying to spot Europe’s smallest owl – the Pygmy Owl. This time of day is also best for general wildlife activity and we will visit some unscathed patches of the forest. Other likely species include Tawny or Tengmalm’s Owls, Nightjar, Woodcock but also woodpeckers and flycatchers.

Nutcracker In The Biebrza Marshes

Birding – Nutcracker & Hazel Grouse, 3-4 hrs

These two species are rare in the Białowieża Forest as they prefer the scarce, coniferous stand. We will explore the best sites trying to spot these elusive birds. It is not rare that we also see Black or Three-toed Woodpeckers or a Pine Marten on this trip.

Black-necked Grebes In The Dojlidy Fishponds

Fishponds, 6hrs

This trips takes you to a site of several ponds at the edge of the forest. This is serious birding aimed at Red-necked and Black-necked Grebes, Great Reed Warblers, Penduline Tit, Rosefinch, Little Crake, Bittern, Savi’s Warbler, Marsh Harriers…

European Bison At Dawn In The Białowieża Forest

Bison Safari, 3-4 hrs

A short walk at dusk or dawn in search of wild European Bison. Other likely species include Wild Boar, Red Deer and even Corncrake or some of the Woodpeckers.

Wild Boar In The Białowieża Forest By Tomasz Jezierczuk

Forest at dusk, 4-6 hrs

Experience the true forest during this evening walk. Reconnect with nature and yourself staying out late listening to the sounds of the forest, watching Owls, spotting Bison, Wild Boar, Pine Marten, Racoon Dogs and more.

In The Białowieża National Park Core Area By Michael Eick

UNESCO Site, 4–6 hrs

A visit in the core area of the forest, the Strict Protection Area of the Białowieża NP and a World Heritage Site. Pristine habitat, high chances for the White-backed and Three-toed Woodpeckers.

Beaver Seen On Our Boat Trip In The Biebrza Marshes

Biebrza Marshes, 2 days, incl. hotel & food

Two days trip with an overnight stay at the famous Biebrza Marshes for Aquatic Warblers, Bluethroat, Greater Spotted Eagle, lekking Ruff and our flagship Beaver Boat trip and Elk Safari.

Siemianówka Lake, 8–10 hrs

A full day trip to the Siemianówka Reservoir where Black Storks, White-tailed Eagles, Lesser and Greater Spotted Eagles, Citrine Wagtails, White-winged and Whiskered terns and a good number of other birds, amphibians and reptiles can be seen.

Group At Our Mammal Patrol In The Białowieża Forest At Dawn

Forest at night, 4 hrs

Join one of our crazy guides for a spectacular night walk through the forest to experience the primeval call. Chances of seeing and hearing various Owls, nocturnal mammals and… your heart beat.

In The UNESCO Site Of The Białowieża National Park By Antonella And Andrea Ferrari

Forest off-trails, 4 hrs

Experience the forest from the wild animal’s perspective away from roads, tracks and paths. Learn the basic tracking and orientation skills and deepen your understanding of nature.

Reports from previous festivals

Key information

Board & lodging

We will spend 8 nights at a comfortable family run guesthouse or a hotel, depending on availability. All accommodation is based on twin-share, with private facilities. Additional single room suplement rate applies if you travel alone. We do not offer twin rooms to share for single travellers.

Our venue serves gorgeous traditional Polish food. Breakfasts are a hearty continental treat that can set you up for the day. Dinners are plentiful, 3-course meals of a warm soup, main dish and a dessert. Lunches are not included but can be ordered at the festival’s restaurant. There are also a couple of groceries a few minutes walk from our venue. Additionally we will also offer packed lunches (paid extra) to take with you on a trip.


Our comfortable buses with friendly drivers and experienced Wild Poland guides will take you from Warsaw pickup point straight to the festival venue and back the same way on the last day. And when you book trips with us on the spot – transport in a comfortable minibus is included in the price of each trip!

Fitness level - is this tour for me?

This festival is suitable to everyone as you decide on joining the selected trips yourself and can, therefore, adjust the programme to your liking and abilities.

However, the trips offered can be intensive and require basic fitness to walk for a few hours at a moderate speed of 3–4 km/h. NE Poland is generally flat so altitudes are not a problem. Most of the time we will walk on decent tracks but we may walk short distances off trails on uneven terrain where you are likely to get your boots muddy.

Some trips will also require to stand or sit still for 1-2 hrs.

What to bring - essential luggage & clothing

It is particularly important that your outer clothing is in dark colours: green, brown, black etc. Please avoid bright colours like white, yellow, blue but also bright green or pale sand brown. This includes a hat or gloves as well! A pale hat sticks out and can be seen in a long distance.

You should bring the following necessary items:

  • waterproof trekking boots,
  • waterproof outer layer,
  • warm hat & gloves (for chilly dawns and dusks),
  • sunhat,
  • insect repellent,
  • binoculars.

You may consider bringing the following useful items:

  • wellington boots,
  • gaiters,
  • scope on a sturdy tripod,
  • thermo flask/cup,
  • small torch/headlamp.

How to join

The festival starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw at their own expense. Our festival bus and staff will meet you 17 May 2025 at 13:00 in front of the Palace of Culture and Science main entrance, eastern side, facing Marszałkowska Street ›. The transfer to our lodge in Białowieża Forest takes ca. 4-5 hrs and our guides will keep you entertained on the way. If you arrive by train or a car – contact us for detailed directions.

If you arrive earlier and stay overnight, we suggest that you book a hotel near the meeting point and either walk or take a taxi there in the morning.

The festival ends 25 May 2025 when we arrive at Warsaw. We plan to arrive at Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science (first) and then at the WAW airport by 14:00. Participants book a hotel in Warsaw and flights home at their own expense.

Your plane home should not leave earlier than 17:00 from WAW, please make sure with us you will be on time for your flight back before booking.

Meeting point

Transfer from WAW airport to meeting point takes ca. 30 min.

We recommend taking:

175 bus › (30 min + 10 min walk, PLN 4.40)
taxi/uber/bolt › (30 min, PLN 20-40)

Hotels within 10 minutes walk from the meeting point

Common questions

I don't know any Polish. Can I easily communicate in English?

Yes, the Festival language is English and all our guides speak it well. What we cannot guarantee, however, is that all the hotel staff are fluent. Therefore our staff will be there to assist you in a rare case that you may require help.

Can I join your trips without booking accommodation? (I will be in Białowieża Forest in these dates and have my own accommodation)

Yes, the Festival is open to other visitors who just ‘come by’ so you can visit our festival office in Narewka village and join any of the trips with enough spaces available.

Can I book some of the trips in advance?

No, unfortunately not. The detailed daily programme strongly depends on the current wildlife situation and weather. Therefore we will only offer trips on the spot and only for 1-2 days in advance.

We don’t have a fixed plan. We will try to repeat any trips which continue gathering interest – so that everyone has a chance to participate.

Eating & drinking

Polish food is very good, usually made from fresh produce. We are certainly meat eaters, not shunning from the fatty cuts. Pork and poultry are most popular. Soups are also a very Polish dish and while we do like our broth and borsch, many other soups are a full meal in itself.

Breakfasts tend to be hearty and often consist of fried or scrambled eggs, boiled or fried sausage, cold cuts, cheese, tomatoes and bread. A sweet version consisting of cheese/jam filled pancakes or racuchy (pancakes with apples) is also quite common.

Lunches are not included but can be ordered at the festival’s restaurant. There are also a couple of groceries a few minutes walk from our venue. Polish cuisine offers a large variety of meals from pierogi (dumplings) to soups as well as salads and groceries are well supplied. Additionally we will also offer packed lunches (paid extra) to take with you on a trip. These will be prepared by the restaurant of our venue and consist of two sandwiches, a piece of fruit, chocolate bar and a small bottle of water.

Dinners are a substantial 3-course meal of a warm soup, main dish and a dessert served back at our guesthouse.

Vegetarians & vegans

These days vegetarians are usually well catered for, but please let us know at the time of booking. However, it can be difficult for vegans, as dairy produce and eggs occur in the vast majority of meals. Therefore we recommend that you bring some supplementary items.

Travel & medical insurance

We (Wild Poland) are fully insured tour operator as required by Polish and European law. However, all participants must additionally be covered by personal travel and medical insurance, preferably from the time of booking. This should cover you fully against the cost of cancellation by you, lost baggage, medical care and repatriation.

We do not provide or check personal travel insurance policies. See our booking conditions › for more details.

Payments & currency - card or cash?

Poland’s currency is PLN, also abbreviated as ‘zł.’ and generally EUR are not accepted and are only quoted for your ease.

At Wild Poland we accept card payments only and charge in PLN – both for booking your place online at this website and for paying for the trips you choose on the spot. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any cash.

Cards are now widely accepted at restaurants, groceries etc. but you may wish to have some PLN in cash to pay for your drinks, souvenirs etc. There is a cash machine in the Narewka village where we will stay.

How is my money protected?

First of all, we are a registered tour operator in Poland. All holidays by Wild Poland are protected by the Mazovian Province and our tour operator insurance. In the unlikely event of our insolvency, the Province executives guarantee to refund any money you have paid to us for any future booking.

Secondly – you get 100% money back guarantee with Wild Poland. By booking, you will be asked to pay a small deposit to confirm your place. It allows us to book the hotels etc. in your name. In a rare case that we have to cancel the departure because of insufficient number of participants, you will be refunded the full deposit amount. Small differences in the refunded amount may occur because of varying exchange rates.

Finally, we use Poland’s leading online payments gateways. Any critical credit card details are only entered at their secure pages and we have no access to, nor do we withhold any credit card details.


100% Money Back Guarantee with Wild Poland

By booking, you will be asked to pay a small deposit to confirm your place. In a rare case that we have to cancel the departure because of insufficient number of participants, you will be refunded the full deposit amount.

When booking a guaranteed tour within 30 days of departure you will be asked for a full payment instead of just the deposit.

17 – 25 May 2025


4850 PLN
3850 PLN

+850 PLN

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