Let our most experienced local guides take you to the best sites of the Białowieża Forest and Biebrza Marshes in the height of each season. Visit places you wouldn’t find on your own and spend plenty of quality photography time.

  • Visit the Primeval Białowieża Forest and Biebrza Marshes
  • Photograph European Bison, Elk (Moose) and other mammals
  • Spend 2 days in the professional photo hides for birds and mammals
  • Take stunning photos during a flight in a hot air balloon over the vast marshes
  • See the traditional Eastern Poland with an enthusiastic local guide
  • Visit Warsaw old town
European Bison in the Winter Bialowieza Forest, Poland

European Bison by Ł. Mazurek

This tour runs at the top time of each season


The best time for large mammals like Bison and Elk (Moose) in the dramatic, snowy landscape during our driving safaris. High chances of Red Fox, some chances of Beaver and Otter on the frozen river banks.

White-tailed Eagles, Ravens, Buzzards and various woodpeckers are common at the hides. Wild Boar and even Wolves occasionally visit there, too.


Pygmy Owl by Ł. Mazurek

The best time for flooded meadows with Marsh Marigolds filled with thousands of Ruffs in breeding plumage and other waders. Lesser Spotted Eagles, Cranes, Woodpeckers and large mammals visit at the hides.

Bison and Elk (Moose) are still relatively easy to find and photograph well. Good chances of photographing Pygmy Owl, Woodpeckers, Bluethroat, Collared Flycatchers but also colourful amphibians like Tree frogs or Fire-bellied Toads. Additionally, we offer an hour long boat cruise in the marshes to photograph Beavers.


Rosefinch in the Białowieża Forest by Michael Eick

Rosefinch by Michael J. Eick

The best time for late birds like: Thrush Nightingale, Aquatic Warbler, Corncrake, Red-backed Shrike, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Barred & River Warblers, Rosefinch. Foliage is in full bloom.

Many common birds and large mammals visit at the hides. Good chances of finding Bison, Elk (Moose) and other large mammals at dusk or dawn. Days can be hot, dawns are very early and dusks – quite late. Perfect for Beavers during our evening boat cruise.


The best time for picturesque autumn colours and wildlife in mist.

Elk (Moose) in the Biebrza Marshes at dawn

Elk (Moose) by Ł. Mazurek

Good for Bison, Beavers (during our evening boat trip), Elks (Moose) with antlers, large flocks of Cranes.

Large mammals and common forest birds frequent at the hides.

Outline itinerary

Day 1: Pick up from Warsaw Airport and transfer to the Białowieża Forest
Days 2/3: Bison Safari + Primeval Białowieża Forest
Days 4/5: Photographing at the hides in the Białowieża Forest, walking trips optional
Days 6/7/8: Biebrza Marshes: Elk Safari + Beaver Boat trip (spring to autumn) + hot air balloon flight
Day 9: Transfer to Warsaw, walk and lunch in the Old Town


FB: hearty Polish breakfasts, packed lunches and plentiful 3 course dinners


Quality family run guesthouses. Twin or single rooms with private facilities.


This tour requires basic fitness to walk 3–10 km a day, at a moderate speed of 3–4 km/h. Photographing in the hides requires basic fitness to crawl and stay still for long hours. The hides are warm but primitive.


The tour starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) at their own expense. We pick you up in Warsaw downtown or WAW airport on day 1, no later than 13:00. If you fly into Warszawa Modlin (WMI), you should account for ca. 2 hrs to get to WAW airport.

See our How to prepare for the trip › page for more info and many other practicals.

Our guesthouse in Białowieża

The tour starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) at their own expense. If you fly into Warszawa Modlin (WMI), you should account for ca. 2 hrs to get to WAW airport.

Day 1

13.00 (at the latest) pick up from Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) and transfer to Białowieża Forest. After ca. 4 hrs drive we will check in at an atmospheric and comfortable guesthouse in the Białowieża village.

After a hearty Polish dinner the guide will introduce you to the area and talk about the plans. For the next four full days (Days 2 to 5) we will be exploring the Białowieża Forest and surrounding areas.

Days 2–5 – Białowieża Forest

Bison by Ł. Mazurek

Bison Safari
At dawns and dusks we will go after wild European Bison, trying to get you close to these magnificent animals. There are over 500 Bison living in the wild here and we have probably the best local knowledge on where
to find them. We will transfer in our minibus through the forest and go for a few short walks and visit a number of different lookout sites in a more safari style. We may see individual old bulls, small herds of younger animals or large mixed herds of cows with calves. We have seen wild Bison on all our previous trips so far and have had some really close encounters, especially in the autumn and winter.

At middays, we will take you further into the wild. You will see some of our favourite trails that wind through a variety of different habitats deep in the centre of the Białowieża Forest. Species seen on such walks include some of the rare woodpeckers, birds of prey or mammals such as Bison, Deer or Wild Boar.

Białowieża Forest by Michael Eick

Białowieża Forest by M. J. Eick

Primeval Forest
On one of the days our expert nature guide will invite you for a walk through the only accessible part of the Strict Protection Area of the National Park in Białowieża, the Man and Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a must-see for every visitor in Białowieża.
This trip takes you back in time a few thousand years, when most of Europe was covered with a similar forest. The dense forest of huge, centuries-old trees that host thousands of creatures on the verge of extinction. Our expert guide will share his great knowledge with enthusiasm that will change your view of nature. This excursion will awaken and educate. You will feel as if you have been transported into a BBC wildlife documentary.

Photo hide in Białowieża

Photo hide in Białowieża

Photography hides
You will have a chance to spend two days in the professional photo hides for birds and mammals. There are a few different hides, prepared for 2 to 4 persons each so everyone should get a chance to use the one of their choice. Set out and maintained by a local photographer so you will be thoroughly advised about current wildlife situation, best gear, time of day etc.

Should you choose to spend more time walking rather than sitting at the hides, or you’d rather revisit some of the sites from previous days, our guide will offer guided walks and/or a lift so that everyone gets to be where they wish at the best times of day.

Days 6–8 – Biebrza Marshes

Elk in the Biebrza Marshes

Elk in the Biebrza Marshes

Elk (Moose) Safari
In the evenings and early mornings we will go for an Elk (Moose) safari driving through the woods and vast fens in the heart of the Biebrza National Park. There are over 800 Elks living in the wild here and we have probably the best local knowledge on where to find them. We will transfer in our minibus through the marshes in a more safari style as well as go for a few short walks.

We may see individual old bulls and females with calves. Winter is the best time for watching Elks but we have seen them on all our previous trips and had some really close views, even at other seasons. Other wildlife possible to see include Roe Deer, Red Fox or Racoon Dogs. Occasionally we have even heard Wolves howling early morning on this trip.

Beaver in the Biebrza Marshes seen on Wild Poland boat trip.

Beaver in the Biebrza Marshes

Beaver boat trip (spring to autumn)
On one of the evenings we will set off for a boat trip to photograph Beavers. When the time is right, just about sunset, we will board our stable flat-bottomed boat for a gentle cruise down the river. You will spend a good hour or more on the water having chances to spot several Beavers as they swim across the river, get out to the shores to mark the territory, groom their fur and feed on twigs. We have run this very popular trip for several years now and never missed a Beaver sight!

Winter Biebrza safari (winter)

At wintertime, instead of the boat trip, we will set off for a journey around the best sites of the Biebrza Marshes in the breathtaking, snowy winter landscape.

Otter in the Biebrza Marshes, Poland

Otter in the Biebrza Marshes

Apart from the beautiful scenery and yet more Elks you may also see White-tailed Eagles hunting wildfowl, Red Foxes, Roe Deer but also Beavers, Otters or Minks having their feast on the frozen river banks.

We may have our packed lunch and hot coffee somewhere in the wild or if possible – visit a local bar for a hot bowl of a traditional Polish stew.

Hot air balloon flight
One day of our stay in the marshes, carefully chosen for best weather and light conditions, we will meet our balloon crew at dawn or dusk and go for a flight over the marshes for breathtaking scenery.

Run by the champion of Poland in ballooning, our local crew are a certified Air Transport Operator with plenty of experience in flying over the vast marshes and forests of Eastern Poland.

Balloon flight over the Marshes

You will spend a good hour in the air with plenty of opportunities to take stunning photographs. Each season offers spectacular landscape and you can’t get a better time of day for such a flight than dawn or dusk! It is an unforgettable adventure and a one-time opportunity.

Day 9 – Warszawa

This morning, after our last dawn patrol and the usual substantial breakfast (don’t worry, you will get used to it by the end of the holiday) we will set off for a ca. 3 hours journey back to Warsaw.

We plan to arrive at Warsaw by 12:00, have a short walk in the Old Town and sit at a small restaurant for a traditional Polish lunch.

In the Warsaw Old Town

In the Warsaw Old Town

The tour ends when we arrive in Warsaw. Participants book a hotel there and flights home at their own expense. Around 16:00 we will drive you to the WAW airport or drop you off at a hotel, if you stay in Warsaw.

Just a sample of photographs from our previous tours to give you an idea of what it’s like here.

For videos, please visit our YouTube channel here ›

Sample images taken at the hides

Sample images taken from the balloon

We had a wonderful trip to see birds and mammals in early spring in the Bialowiesza Forest and Biebrza marshes. We had excellent views of bison, elk, beavers and other mammals. The boat trip to see beavers at work was fantastic. We also saw lots of birds, the most memorable for us being the white-tailed eagle, all three types of spotted woodpecker plus black, white-backed, grey-headed and three-toed woodpeckers – quite a set!

Lucasz Mazurek is a knowledgeable naturalist and superb guide. Food and accommodation were very good. We recommend the holiday!

 – Anne and Robin, UK, 26 May 2015

These guys are real experts. Lukas was even stopped on the road by a visitor wanting him to autograph his guidebook!

– John Ellis, UK, 1 May 2015

Perfect tour! Excellent guide and a fantastic view into wildlife in Poland. Feeding Beaver 10 m from the boat, grazing Elk and Bison very near and around 130 bird species and a lot of different habitats visited. Highly recommendable!

 – Jørgen Nielsen, Denmark, 24 Apr 2015

Poland turns out to be a new star on the ecotours firmament! The excellent guiding by Lukasz Mazurek opened the unknown/unexpected beauty of Polish wildlife. Close encounters with Bisons, Elks, Otters & Beavers were magical moments!

– Marc & Kris Dauwe, Belgium – 15 February 2015

Operating a safari firm in Tanzania I know the value of local knowledge if you want to truly enjoy nature especially if you are also keen on nature photography as I am.

Lukasz came strongly recommended by another photographer and I have to admit he is one of the most kowledgable, persistant and pleasurable people to be out in the wild with. Knows his stuff, other guides keep calling him to ask where he saw the Bison, Deer or what ever you might be after. As you can see from his pictures here he is also an acomplished photographer and that definatly helped me as well!

On top of all that he is a joy to hang around, his dry sense of humor not only makes you laugh it will also help you get through those though moments when you are tired from a hike…because he will also push you to your limits….to get what you want!

Thank you Lukasz for an amazing trip and i will be back!

– Andre Vondeling, The Netherlands – 9 October 2013

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9 days, 8 nights

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PLN 7450 (ca. €1730)
Deposit: PLN 1400
Single room: PLN 450

Very small group

4 – 6 participants

Accommodation & Food


Transport & Guiding


Photo hides

2 full days in professional hides included

Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon

1 hour flight included


NOT included

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