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Go kayaking and camping in the wildest part of Europe, along the border of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. Relax in the wild and recharge. Completely.

  • Spend 3 days kayaking along the most beautiful and wildest Polish rivers
  • Step onto the border of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus
  • Go camping in the wild and learn basic bushcraft skills
  • Join us in the sauna and take a wild swim
  • Experience the traditional Eastern Poland
  • Visit Warsaw Old Town
Camping in the wild on the banks of the Czarna Hańcza River

Camping on the banks of the Czarna Hańcza River

Join this relaxing short tour in the wild and unscathed north-eastern corner of Poland, the Augustów Forest and Wigry National Park. 

We will go kayaking along the most beautiful Polish lowland rivers, Czarna Hańcza and Marycha that straddle the Poland-Lithuania-Belarus border quietly flowing through the reedbeds and forests. We will spend two nights camping at a riverside and you will have a chance to participate in the basic bushcraft activities like chopping wood, starting fire, plant identification, collecting wild food as well as cooking it over fire. We will also get into sauna and have plenty of opportunities for a wild swim.

Wildflowers are plentiful (many orchids) and although spotting wildlife is not the main goal of this tour, you may see local breeding birds like Goldeneye, Goosander, Kingfisher or Hobby. Seeing the tracks of Wolves or signs of Otters and Beavers is also quite common in this area.

Our local experienced wildlife and bushcraft guide will keep you informed and point out everything that can’t be missed. He will accompany you throughout this tour together with an additional life guard and kayaking instructor when on the water.

The last night is booked at a comfortable guesthouse/hotel so that you can change and prepare for city sightseeing in Warsaw the next day.

Outline itinerary

Day 1: Pick up from Warsaw, transfer to Wigry NP, kayaking (ca. 2 hrs), camping, sauna.
Day 2: Kayaking (ca. 4 hrs), camping in the wild, bushcraft and wild food workshop.
Day 3: Kayaking up to the border of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus (ca. 6 hrs), accommodation at a guesthouse/hotel.
Day 4: Transfer to Warsaw, walk and lunch in the Old Town.


An ability to swim is essential to join this tour. We will spend two full days in the wild, regardless of the weather, kayaking  from 2 to 6 hrs a day and a short hike on Day 2. The waters are generally calm but rivers are narrow and require a lot of manoeuvring.

Minimum age

Children must be at least 15 years old to join this tour. If your children are younger, please contact us and we’ll see how we can help organise your trip.


FB: When camping we provide fresh and local products for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additional wild food is collected by participants and we cook our meals together. When at a hotel, a hearty Polish breakfast and plentiful 3 course dinner is included.


Two nights camping in the wild. We provide 1 and 2 persons tents. Customers bring their own mats, sleeping bags and basic camping gear. One (last) night at a quality guesthouse/hotel with twin or single rooms with private facilities.


The tour starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw the day before the tour starts and accommodate at their own expense. We pick you up at your hotel in Warsaw on day 1, no later than 10:00 in the morning.

Luggage list

You should bring the following necessary items: sleeping bag (0-5°C comfort zone), mat or mattress, mess tin with cup and cutlery, towel and toiletry, torch, insect repellent, sunhat, waterproof dry bag for kayaking (ca. 30 l), raincoat.

You may consider bringing the following useful items: pocket knife, binoculars, powerbank for your electronic devices.

See our How to prepare for the trip › page for general info.

The tour starts in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw the day before the tour starts and accommodate at their own expense. We pick you up at your hotel in Warsaw on day 1, no later than 10:00 in the morning.

Day 1

Kayaking on the Czarna Hańcza River, Wigry National Park

Wigry National Park

After ca. 5 hrs drive we shall arrive in the Wigry National Park, the far north east of Poland. Our guide will introduce you to the area and brief on the safety and proper kayaking techniques while everyone will have a chance to practice. He will also help you repack and divide all the necessary gear among the group as we will spend the next two nights camping. You will also be able to store part of your luggage safely with our ground staff and pick it up last night.

This day we will spend about 2 hrs on the water, the most beautiful stretch of the gently flowing Czarna Hańcza River. In the evening, after setting the camp at a riverside and cooking dinner over fire you may wish to enjoy a wild swim or join us in the sauna first and then enjoy a wild swim!

Day 2

Kayaking on the Marycha River along the Lithuanian border

Kayaking on the Marycha River along the Lithuanian border

After a hearty breakfast (prepared and cooked together) and coffee cooked over fire we will pack our gear and transfer to a nearby Pomorze Lake to start our next day kayaking. The lake is a quiet zone and has a forested shore line thus offering a very relaxing start of the day. Later we will continue through the reed bed and the forest on the wild Marycha River.

The river is quite shallow and calm but kayaking may be quite adventurous and require a lot of manoeuvring as there are many natural obstacles in the form of fallen trees. You may even have to carry your kayak over a log at times!

This afternoon we will set a camp on the border with Lithuania. Our guide will take you for a few hrs walk in the nature reserve, a brief plant identification and wild food course. You will be able to participate in the whole food making process, from finding and chopping wood, setting the right kind of fire, preparing the meal and eating it of course.

At dusk our guide may offer a mammal patrol to check if there are any Beavers or Otters active in the area. Perhaps, he may also have a bottle of a local drink to share when you sit around the campfire in the evening.

Day 3

Cooking a meal over fire on a Wild Poland kayaking & camping tour

Cooking a meal over fire

This is our longest kayaking day as we shall be for 6 or more hrs on the water. We will continue along the Marycha River, a completely forested stretch along the border with Lithuania up to a border point of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.

As usual, we will make our own breakfast and lunch supplies, pack the camp and jump into the kayaks. The natural landscapes here are breathtaking and the silence and nature calls deeply de-stressing.

You may get as far as the border with Belarus but will have to paddle against the stream for about 1 mile from there as our pickup team and the van cannot meet us there. Once picked up, we will transfer to a cosy guesthouse/hotel for our last night so that you can change and prepare for city sightseeing in Warsaw the next day.

Day 4

Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw Old Town


This morning, after our last hearty breakfast we will set off for a ca. 5 hours journey back to Warsaw. We plan to arrive at Warsaw by 13:00, have a short walk in the Old Town and sit at a small restaurant for a traditional Polish lunch.

Around 17:00 we will drop you off at a hotel, if you stay in Warsaw or drive you to the WAW airport. Participants book a hotel or flights back home at their own expense.

Just a short, 4 minute video and few photographs from our previous departures to give you an idea of what it’s like here.

For more videos, please visit our YouTube channel here ›

We are honest and only publish real customers reviews. As this is a new itinerary there are currently no reviews for this tour.

We hope to publish your review after the first tours run in summer 2018!

100% Money Back Guarantee with Wild Poland

By booking, you will be asked to pay a small deposit to confirm your place. In a rare case that we have to cancel the departure because of insufficient number of participants, you will be refunded the full deposit amount. If your card is held in EUR or GBP small differences in the refunded amount may occur because of exchange rates.

We use PayPal processing for the transactions and charge in PLN. You can use a debit/credit card and don’t need to have a PayPal account for this.

Status Spaces Price Book


4 days, 3 nights

Cost per person

PLN 2450 (ca. €570)
Deposit: PLN 600
Single room: PLN 250

Group size

4 – 7 participants

Accommodation & Food

Accommodation & Food


Transportation & Guiding


Life Guard & Kayaking Instructor

Life guard & kayaking instructor



NOT included

Tour map

Tour downloads

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