Join this unique tour to go kayaking, hiking, tracking Wolves, European Bison, Elk (Moose) and Beavers. Visit old wooden villages as well as beautiful Kraków and vibrant Warsaw.

  • Go kayaking and visit Wigry National Park 
  • Track Wolves and watch Beavers in the Biebrza National Park
  • Search for European Bison in the Primeval Białowieża Forest
  • Go hiking in the wild Eastern Carpathians
  • Stay in Kraków, visit Auschwitz
  • Visit Warsaw Old Town

Eastern Poland, once the heart of Slavic culture, is nowadays the land of rich traditional heritage as well as unscathed landscapes, pristine habitats and some of the best wildlife in Europe.

We will start this unique adventure with kayaking along the most picturesque lowland rivers, go Wolf tracking, make friends with Elk (Moose), take a boat cruise to watch Beavers, step into the Strict Reserve of the Białowieża Primeval Forest, go out at dawn searching for the wild European Bison, visit old wooden villages and go hiking in the wild Eastern Carpathians. Finally we will visit Kraków – featuring Europe’s best-preserved Medieval old town, Auschwitz-Birkenau nazi concentration camp – a haunting reminder of the terrible World War II atrocities and vibrant Warsaw – a fast developing capital city with ample cultural legacy. Discover the wild, traditional and modern Poland with locals!

What is more, the eastern Polish traditional landscape with small wooden houses, gorgeous food as well as short visits at local markets and a train ride will add a unique taste to this tour.

Outline itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Warsaw, visit old town.
Days 2/3: Walking and kayaking in the Wigry NP and Augustów Forest.
Days 4/5: Wildlife watching in the Biebrza Marshes, Wolf tracking, Beaver boat trip.
Days 6/7: Wildlife watching in the Primeval Białowieża Forest, visit wooden villages.
Days 8/9: Transfer to Bieszczady Mountains via Kazimierz Dolny historical town.
Days 10/11: Wildlife watching and hiking in the Bieszczady Mountains.
Days 12/13: Visiting Kraków and Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Days 14/15: Visiting Warsaw, free afternoon in the city, departure.


HP: hearty Polish breakfasts and plentiful 3 course dinners
You will be able to get your lunch supplies at local shops and markets we visit


5 nights in 3* hotels, 9 nights in rural, comfortable guesthouses. All rooms with private facilities.


On most days this tour requires basic fitness to walk 4-9 km on a flat surface at a moderate speed of 3-4 km/h. In the mountains (days 10/11) we may walk up to 6h with maximum altitude of 1350m and 700m ascent. An ability to swim is essential if you want to participate in the gentle kayaking (days 2/3). Alternative self-guided walks are possible.


The tour starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) at their own expense. We pick you up at WAW airport on day 1, no later than 18:00. If you fly into Warszawa Modlin (WMI), you should account for ca. 2 hrs to get to WAW airport.

See our How to prepare for the trip › page for more info and many other practicals.

In the Warsaw Old Town

In the Warsaw Old Town

The tour starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) at their own expense. If you fly into Warszawa Modlin (WMI), you should account for ca. 2 hrs to get to WAW airport.

Day 1 – SUN


18.00 (at the latest) pick up from Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) and checking in at a comfortable Hotel. After a brief introduction to Poland our guide will explain the tour itinerary and plans for the next days in detail. Afterwards, we will take public transport and have a short walk in the old town of Warsaw, followed by dinner at a traditional Polish Restaurant down town.

Kayaking on the Czarna Hańcza River

Kayaking on the Czarna Hańcza River

Day 2 – MON


This morning we will transfer to the countryside up north east near the border with Lithuania, and accommodate at a small, family run guesthouse in the Wigry National Park. This area has been named the green lungs of Poland for the vast forests, picturesque lakeland and hardly any pollution. This afternoon we will pay a short visit at a beautifully located 17th c. Camaldolese Monastery in the heart of the National Park and we will have our first short kayaking trip. As they say – you learn a lot about the environment when you are up to your hips in it 🙂

Day 3 – TUE

WILDLIFE WATCHING AND KAYAKING IN THE AUGUSTÓW FOREST In the morning you will have a chance to explore some of the walking trails in the forest with our nature guide. Prepare for an eye opening and informative experience. In the afternoon we will board our flat bottomed canoes and take one of the most beautiful kayaking routes in Poland on the Czarna Hańcza River.

Wolf footprint in the mud, Wolf Tracking trip, Oct 2013

Wolf footprint in the mud

Day 4 – WED


After the usual substantial breakfast we will set off for a short drive into the famous Red Bog Reserve deep in the Biebrza National Park. This is one of the most remote areas in Poland. Far away from any civilisation, surrounded by marshes, we will try to follow a pack of Wolves that live there. Spotting other wildlife such as Eagles or Elks (Moose) are high. In the evening we will transfer to the opposite edge of the NP and board our stable, flat bottomed boat for a gentle cruise down the river. It is where a few Beaver families live in peace close to one another and we will have some great chances to watch them swimming, grooming and feeding at dusk.

Watching Beavers in the Narew River, Biebrza Marshes

Watching Beavers in the Biebrza Marshes

Day 5 – THU


Today we will take a full day journey around the Biebrza Marshes top spots. We will see a tremendous variety of habitats, unspoiled landscapes, traditional villages and farm yards. We will eat our lunch at a river side while watching wild Cranes, Storks and possibly even Elks (Moose) in the marsh. We will also pay a visit at a small town of Tykocin, once an important stronghold of Kingdom of Poland with a vibrant Jewish community and now called the Pearl of Baroque for its well preserved architecture.

Day 6 – FRI


In the old Ruthenian villages

In the old Ruthenian villages

After an optional early morning bird and mammal patrol at the edge of the marsh and a yet another hearty breakfast we will transfer to the Białowieża Forest. This day you may feel like you have travelled back in time as we drive through the countryside, visit a few old wooden Ruthenian villages or a local fruit and veggie market. Our guide will explain the turbulent history of Slavic tribes in this part of Europe and how it influences the current ethnic variety. In the afternoon we will accommodate at a lovely family run wooden guesthouse in Białowieża and go out for an evening wildlife watching walk in the Białowieża Forest.

Day 7 – SAT


In the UNESCO site of the Białowieża National Park

In the UNESCO site of the Białowieża National Park

After a hearty breakfast we will invite you for a walk through the only accessible part of the Strict Protection Area of the National Park in Białowieża, the Man and Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site. This trip takes you back in time a few thousand years, when most of Europe was covered with a similar forest. The dense forest of huge, centuries-old trees that host thousands of creatures on the verge of extinction. Our expert guide will share his great knowledge with enthusiasm that will change your view of nature.

In the afternoon, we will once again go for a wildlife watching walk in the middle of the forest hoping for Bison, Boar, Deer and even Beavers. We shall finish our two-day stay in the Białowieża Forest with a typical Polish campfire with traditional local food.

Day 8 – SUN

At the Grabarka Holy Hill

At the Grabarka Holy Hill


This early morning we may offer an optional early morning excursion if still needed to find wild European Bison. There are over 500 Bison living in the wild here and we have probably the best local knowledge on where to find them. We may take a short drive in our minibus through the forest and go for a walk or visit a few different lookout sites in a more safari style. After breakfast we will board our bus and set off for a journey south through the countryside. A stop at the holy Mt of Grabarka, the most revered pilgrimage site for Orthodox in Poland and a few other sites will make the transfer an incredible history and cultural lesson, topped up with arriving at a mediaeval town of Kazimierz Dolny. Having arrived at Kazimierz in the afternoon, you will have some free time to explore its beautiful old town with atmospheric restaurants and cafes, numerous art galleries or the picturesque riverside hills.

In the Bieszczady Mts

Day 9 – MON


Today we will transfer further south through the unscathed Polish countryside. We will stop for lunch at an old town of Przemyśl and reach Bieszczady Mts in the afternoon. Being part of Eastern Carpathian range, very remote and completely depopulated after World War II these Mts are now Poland’s wildest area. They are home to European Bison, Brown Bear, Wolves and Lynx in great numbers and offer fantastic wildlife watching and hiking trails. For the next three nights we will stay at a lovely, small, wooden family run guesthouse.

Days 10 & 11 – TUE & WED

In the Bieszczady Mountains

In the Bieszczady Mountains


We will spend one of the days in the San River Valley near the border with Ukraine, bird watching and hoping to track some Wolves and Bears. Wildflowers are plentiful, wildlife abundant and evidence of former villages and small wooden churches add a unique taste to our walks here. On the second day we plan to go hiking up above the tree line along some of the most picturesque ridges in the whole Bieszczady Mts.

Day 12 – THU


After our last hearty breakfast in the wild Bieszczady Mts we will head on towards Kraków, with Poland’s best preserved old town and the largest Mediaeval market square in Europe.

Arriving at Kraków

Arriving at Kraków

Our local guide will offer an in-depth guided walk through the old town, visiting all the top sites and also sharing plenty of history and cultural facts and you will have some free time there before we meet downtown at a traditional Polish restaurant.

Day 13 – FRI


This morning we will drive to Oświęcim, the site of Auschwitz- Birkenau nazi concentration camp. You will be able to join the deeply moving guided walk reminding us of the unimaginable World War II acts of barbarity and a great lesson for our future generations.

At the Auschwitz-Birkenau by Michel Zacharz AKA Grippenn, CC BY-SA 2.5

At the Auschwitz-Birkenau by Michel Zacharz AKA Grippenn, CC BY-SA 2.5

We shall get back to our hotel in Kraków early afternoon, on time for you to have enough free time on your own to visit some of Kraków’s numerous museums, galleries or just wander around the old town and chill out at the atmospheric cafe’s and restaurants. 

Day 14 – SAT


Today we will take the train to Warsaw to give you an even greater experience of real Poland and everyday life here while on the public transport, in the taxis and at railway stations. We shall arrive at Warsaw on time for lunch, get checked in at a comfortable hotel and once again enjoy free time on your own in the city and the old town. Utterly destroyed at the end of WWII and completely restored afterwards, the old town of Warsaw was recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Warsaw Old Town in the evening

Warsaw Old Town in the evening

Other options for this afternoon will be pointed out by our guide and may include visiting some of the numerous exhibitions, the former Royal residences or world’s renown Jewish or WWII museums as well as feeling the town’s unique atmosphere at a river side, vast parks and cosy cafe’s.

Day 15 – SUN


The tour ends after breakfast on this day. Participants book their flights home or prolong their stay in Warsaw at their own expense. Our hotel offers free shuttle to the WAW airport and safe luggage storage if you fly in the evening and want to spend the day out.

Just a sample of photographs from our previous Grand Tours of Eastern Poland to give you an idea of what it’s like here.

For videos, please visit our YouTube channel here ›

I very much enjoyed the whole experience and was very impressed with how determined our guide Andy was. Very dedicated to giving us the best experience possible. He went above and beyond to allow us to enjoy our trip.

 – Keith, UK, July 2016

A good mix of activities. A fantastic guide – a gold medal to him.

 – Håkan Petersson, Sweden, July 2016

The tour was well thought out and well organised. Tour leader (Lucas) very knowledgable about all aspects of nature and local history – made the tour most interesting. Thank you once again!

 – Lisa Vogel, USA, Aug 2015

We had an excellent tour, well organised, well lead and meeting all of my expectations and more. Really impressed with the scenery and the habitats as well as the wildlife. Food good (I have put weight on!) and plentiful and the hotels excellent. We visited sites that other tours do not visit!

 – Geoff Carr, England, Aug 2015

Thanks to you I returned from the tour with a fascinating view into the history and ecology of Eastern and Southern Poland (…) Your intricate knowledge of the wildlife and region made the trip for me.

 – Miriam Baines,

Thank you so much for leading our tour. You were so lovely to all of us, very professional, full of enthusiasm & knowledge. I have come away with fond memories of Poland as a result.

 – Laura McGregor, Newbury UK

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