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Explore the most remote parts of Polish Eastern Carpathians in search of Wolves, Bears, Lynx and European Bison. Spend exciting and intensive days in the wild with chances of actually seeing these elusive mammals!

  • Visit Poland’s wildest area, the Bieszczady Mts in Eastern Carpathians
  • Search for Wolves, Bears, Lynx, European Bison and even Beavers
  • Our local guides are experienced and see the large mammals regularly
  • Watch birds like Ural Owl, Nutcracker, Black Stork and a lot more
Eastern Carpathians in summer.

Bieszczady Mts in summer

This is a short but intensive tour in the wildest part of Poland, the unscathed and undiscovered Bieszczady Mts in the Eastern Carpathians.

Bieszczady belong to the lowest mountain ranges of Carpathians (max. 1346 m/4416 feet). Scarcely populated and largely forested these mountains are now teeming with wildlife and have become the most important Polish refuge for Brown Bears, Wolves, Lynx and even Wild Cats. Moreover, there is a large herd of wild European Bison living here as well as plenty of Beavers and we will aim to see them all.

This is a large area so each day we will travel by minibus and long distances on foot. We will also spend some time at good vantage points at dawn and dusk. It can be intensive in terms of little sleep and a lot of walking but for us this is the best way to do it. We don’t use any hides or artificial feeding or other ways of altering wildlife behaviour. Instead, we offer an unscathed nature and real wildlife experience.

Wolf in Bieszczady Mts. Photo by Phillip Holloh, 2017 trip.

Wolf in Bieszczady Mts. Photo by Phillip Holloh, 2017 trip.

We will stay at a small, family run wooden guesthouse or a modest hotel, depending on availability and distance to the best sites at a given time to save on driving. All the venues have comfortable twin or single rooms with en suite facilities and serve gorgeous traditional Polish food.

Our local guides are experienced, have access to the best areas and see the large mammals regularly. Our customers say they are a wealth of knowledge and even fun but best to check it out yourselves.

Outline itinerary

Day 1: Pick up from Kraków Airport (KRK), transfer to Bieszczady Mts
Days 2/3/4: Dawn and dusk trips in search of large mammals
Day 5: Optional morning trek, transfer to Kraków.

Fitness – important!

Walking in the Bieszczady Mountains, our guided Eastern Carpathians tour in September, photo by Piotr Dębowski

Walking in the Bieszczady Mts

This tour can be physically intensive and requires fitness to walk for several hours a day in the mountain area, uneven terrain and often at a quick pace. You are highly likely to get your feet wet and boots muddy.

Minimum age

Children must be at least 15 years old to join this tour. If your children are younger, please contact us and we’ll see how we can help organise your trip.


FB: hearty Polish breakfast, packed lunch and hearty home made dinners


One of our guesthouses in the Bieszczady Mts

One of our guesthouses in the Bieszczady Mts

Comfortable guesthouse/hotel. Twin or single rooms with en suite facilities. Please note that some of the guesthouses host dogs and cats and may not be suitable if you have a severe allergy.


The tour starts and ends in Kraków. Participants arrive at Kraków Balice Airport (KRK) at their own expense. We pick you up at the airport or your hotel in Kraków on day 1, no later than 11:00.

See our How to prepare for the trip › page for more info and many other practicals.

Important note:
Feeding wild predators conditions them quickly and changes the year-round behaviour and territory usage patterns. At Wild Poland and on this tour we don’t use any of the wild predators feeding sites with hides so common these days among lazy photographers. Instead, we offer a genuine wildlife experience with chances of seeing large mammals with minimum disturbance.. and plenty of chances to experience the outdoors and really immerse in the wild nature. We hire the best local guides and visit the best sites. There exists no other better tour of this kind in this part of Carpathians to track and find large predators in the wild this way.

Watch out for Bison on the road while driving in the Bieszczady Mts.

Bison in the Bieszczady Mts

The tour starts and ends in Kraków. Participants arrive at Kraków Balice Airport (KRK) at their own expense. We pick you up at the airport or your hotel in Kraków on day 1, no later than 11:00.

Day 1 – arrival

11.00 (at the latest) pick up from Kraków and transfer to Bieszczady Mts. After ca. 5 hrs drive we will check in at our guesthouse/hotel and following a hearty Polish dinner our guide will introduce you to the area and its fauna and talk about the plans for the next days.

Our local guides are experienced, have access to the best areas and see the large mammals regularly. We are also in touch with local National Park mammal researchers and are up to date with animal movements and recent sightings.

Hiking the primeval forests of the Bieszczady Mts, Eastern Carpathians

Hiking the Bieszczady Mts

Days 2/3/4 – dawn & dusk trips in search of mammals

We will be leaving early morning, when it is still dark, to be at the right spots at dawn. We will take our minibus for a short drive and take a walk in the mountains and river valleys, up to a vantage point or a series of them, trying to spot the large mammals in the distance. A safe distance of course – as our priority is never to disturb wildlife in the first place but watch them without altering their behaviour.

On most days we shall be back at the guesthouse for a hearty breakfast/brunch followed by a few hrs break at midday. On some days we will take a packed breakfast with us to eat in the field and be back at our lodge for lunch. You can use the midday break to catch up with sleep (suggested), enjoy the silence chilling out in the garden or go for a short walk in the forest.

Bison herd in the Bieszczady Mts at dawn

Bison herd in the Bieszczady Mts at dawn

In the afternoon, after an early dinner, we will meet up again and continue our exploration of the area in the minibus and on foot, until dark. We usually see at least some of the mentioned large mammals and we can guarantee that our crew does their best to get you close to these elusive beasts. You are also likely to see their tracks, droppings and other signs of activity.

This is an undeveloped area so most trails are narrow and muddy. The trips take between 3-6 hrs each, 2-12 km (measured on flat) with up to 300m ascent/descent and some stretches as steep as 40°.

On top of chances to see the large mammals in the wild, you can expect to gain an understanding of the pristine Carpathian forest and the whole natural ecosystem complexity as our guides are passionate naturalists and well trained general biologists.

Brown Bear in the Bieszczady Mountains, Eastern Carpathians by Bartosz Pirga

Brown Bear in the Bieszczady Mts by Bartosz Pirga

Although our focus will be seeing Wolves, Bears, Lynx and Bison, other wildlife will not be left behind. We usually see good numbers of Red and Roe Deer, while other mammals like Beaver, Pine Marten or even a Wild Cat are likely.

Birdlife of this area is equally rich and includes Black Stork, Lesser Spotted and Golden Eagles, Nutcracker, the resident Pygmy and Ural Owls, White-backed Woodpeckers and numerous warblers.

These three days will be intensive but hopefully also rewarding in terms of wildlife and certainly – natural, unspoiled landscapes. What is more, dawn and dusk are the best time of day for beautiful light, mists and picturesque sunrise and sunsets.

Day 5 – Kraków

Frosty morning in Bieszczady Mountains, our guided Eastern Carpathians tour in September, photo by Piotr Dębowski

Bieszczady Mts in the morning

This morning we may offer an optional short trip and after our usual substantial breakfast we will set off for a ca. 5 hours journey back to Kraków. We will stop for lunch en route and plan to arrive at Kraków Airport by 15:00. The tour ends when we arrive in Kraków. Participants book a hotel there and flights home at their own expense. If you choose to extend your tour and stay in Kraków (a good idea) we can drop you off at your hotel.

Here are a few photographs from our previous trips to give you an idea of what it’s like here.

Mammal Spotting In The Bieszczady Mountains, Eastern Carpathians.
Relaxing Break At The Top Of The Hill
Lynx In The Eastern Carpathians By Zenon Wojtas
European Bison At Dusk In The Bieszczady Mts, Eastern Carpathians
Red Deer In The Bieszczady Mts, Eastern Carpathians
European Bison At Dawn In The Bieszczady Mts, Eastern Carpathians
Wolf In The Bieszczady Mts At Dawn By Andrzej Petryna
Wolf In The Bieszczady Mountains, Eastern Carpathians By Piotr Dębowski
Wolf Footprint In The Bieszczady Mountains.
Wolf And Wild Bison Herd In The Bieszczady Mts By Andrzej Petryna
Wolf Photographed At Dawn On Our Trip In The Eastern Carpathians
Ural Owl In The Eastern Carpathians By Zenon Wojtas
In TheCarpathian Forest, Wild Poland Guided Mammal Tour. Photo By Phillip Holloh
Black Stork And Grey Herons In The Bieszczady Mts, Eastern Carpathians
Watch Out For Bears In The Eastern Carpathians
In The Bieszczady Mts, Eastern Carpathians
Brown Bear Female With Young In The Bieszczady Mts By Grzegorz Leśniewski
White-backed Woodpecker In The Bieszczady Mts
Beaver In The Bieszczady Mts
Bieszczady Mountains In September, Guided Eastern Carpathians Tour, Photo By Piotr Dębowski
Fire Salamander In The Eastern Carpathians

Before the trip we did not appreciate the excitement of seeing a bear foot print, somehow more powerful than we had imagined – you have to experience it!

– Paul & Roz, UK, Sep 2018

We have returned from our trip and I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time. Bieszczady is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, wildest places I have ever visited and we have very much fallen in love with the region. Our guide, Piotr, clearly made it his personal mission to achieve our dream of seeing a wolf and took us to some of the most stunning places in the process. I cannot speak highly enough of how incredibly helpful, passionate, hardworking and accommodating he was.

Willa Arnika was a wonderful place to stay. The room was very comfortable with a lovely view and the food in the lodge was absolutely delicious. They catered very well for my vegetarian diet and the landlady was generous in making sure we had everything we could possibly want.

And best of all – we saw a wolf! After three days of hard trekking (…) we finally glimpsed one from the window of our minibus on our way to the airport. That’s nature for you! We did, of course, see many other mammals during the rest of the trip as well, including bison, wild boar, many red and roe deer, pine marten, fox and hares.

Thank you once again!

– Kate & Ben, UK, March 2018

All was well organised and great guiding and variety. We saw a wolf and a wild cat. Plus we stayed at a beautiful place off the beaten track.

– Götz, Germany – Dec 2017

Well equipped for varied terrain and weather conditions. Considering the nature of the area we were taken to areas where we saw wildlife (wolf, wild cat, many deer, eagles, ural owl). A good management and understanding of the trip and the expectation of how much wildlife is in the area is well managed.

– CM, Switzerland – Dec 2017

Fabulous location, everything was very well prepared, great guides and great adventures – another Wild Poland special! (my 3rd trip with Wild Poland).

– Sam, Belgium – Dec 2017

The guides were exceptionally knowledgable and we loved the no-nonsense approach to trekking which allowed us maximum time in the field. We felt the guides did everything they could to locate wildlife.

– Elta & Nick, UK, Oct 2017

100% Money Back Guarantee with Wild Poland

By booking, you will be asked to pay a deposit to confirm your place. In a rare case that we have to cancel the departure because of insufficient number of participants, you will be refunded the full deposit amount. We charge in PLN, so if your card is held in EUR or GBP small differences in the refunded amount may occur because of exchange rates.

Dates Status Spaces Price Book
4 Apr – 8 Apr 2020 limited 4450 PLN Book now
9 May – 13 May 2020 available 4450 PLN Book now
6 Jun – 10 Jun 2020 available 4450 PLN Book now
22 Aug – 26 Aug 2020 available 4450 PLN Book now
10 Oct – 14 Oct 2020 available 4450 PLN Book now


5 days, 4 nights

Cost per person

PLN 4450 (ca. €1060)
Deposit: PLN 1000
Single room: PLN 300

Very small groups

5 – 6 participants

Accommodation & Food


Transportation & Guiding


Flights to Kraków

NOT included

Tour map

Tour reports

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