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Winter In The Białowieża Forest

Winter in the Białowieża Forest

Winter is here for good and there are some magnificent Bison photography opportunities!

I am still in the forest so just quickly posting these two images from last days. Off to the marshes for Elk, Beavers and Otters, soon so will be posting more pictures in the coming weeks.

I love winter! Enjoy the pics!

European Bison In The Winter Bialowieza Forest, Poland
European Bison Herd In The Winter Bialowieza Forest, Poland
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  1. Thanks Lukasz – the bison were brilliant, and we had a really good trip.

    I strongly recommend a Winter trip to Bialowieza with Lukasz for anybody who enjoys mammal-spotting.

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for commenting and a nice company! Hope you had a good time in Krakow after our trip!

    Best wishes,

  3. Just got back from a week with Lukasz/Woocash…

    What he doesn’t know about the Bierbza and Bialowieza National Parks is probably not worth knowing.

    We saw otter, beaver, elk, bison, red deer, roe deer, boar, red squirrel, various woodpeckers, corvids, raptors and passerines, and saw/heard and smelt tracks and signs from beech and pine martens, mice, voles, badger, fox, racoon dog, stoat, wolf, owls, and on and on. The landscapes were stunning and his jokes were terrible!

    What more could you want? how about a very fresh wolf kill? Fantastic dude I highly recommend you to anyone after an authentic European wildlife experience.

    Toby Williams
    Environmental Educationalist/Conservationist

  4. @Toby – Thanks for such a great comment. Had a fantastic time, too! Will post a few photos from our trip soon.


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