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Spend 3 nights in the Primeval Białowieża Forest and find European Bison in the wild. None of our previous tours have missed Bison!

  • Visit the Primeval Białowieża Forest – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Find European Bison in the wild
  • Go tracking Wolves at wintertime
  • Experience the traditional Eastern Poland
  • Visit Warsaw Old Town

Join this unique short tour for spectacular wildlife experience in the unscathed, Eastern Poland.

Bison in the Białowieża Forest at wintertime

Bison in the Białowieża Forest at wintertime

Białowieża Forest is the last remaining stand of a natural forest in lowland Europe where over 500 European Bison still roam in the wild. We offer comfortable accommodation, gorgeous local food and most importantly – quality wildlife guiding. We have seen Bison on all our tours in the last years!

Additionally, at wintertime we may offer Wolf tracking in the snow. At summertime there should be enough free time to use at your leisure, take a bicycle ride through the forest or just chill out in the garden.

Finally, the eastern Polish traditional landscape with colourful meadows, small wooden houses will surely add a unique taste to this holiday.

Outline itinerary

Day 1: Pick up from Warsaw Airport, transfer to the Białowieża Forest
Day 2: Bison Safari trips in the morning and afternoon
Day 3: Guided walk in the Primeval Forest Reserve, UNESCO core area
Day 4: Transfer to Warsaw, walk and lunch in the Old Town


FB: hearty Polish breakfast, packed lunches and plentiful 3 course dinners


Modest family-run guesthouse. Twin or single rooms with private facilities. Please note that some of our guesthouses host dogs and cats and may not be suitable if you have a severe allergy.

Minimum age

Children must be at least 15 years old to join this tour. If your children are younger, please contact us and we’ll see how we can help organise your trip.


This tour requires basic fitness to walk 2–12 km a day, divided between 2–3 walks, at a moderate speed of 3–4 km/h.


The tour starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) at their own expense. We pick you up in Warsaw downtown or WAW airport on day 1, no later than 13:00. If you fly into Warszawa Modlin (WMI), you should account for ca. 2 hrs to get to WAW airport.

See our How to prepare for the trip › page for more info and many other practicals.

Our guesthouse in the Białowieża Forest

One of the guesthouses we use in the Białowieża Forest

The tour starts and ends in Warsaw. Participants arrive in Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) at their own expense. If you fly into Warszawa Modlin (WMI), you should account for ca. 2 hrs to get to WAW airport.

Day 1

13.00 (at the latest) pick up from Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Okecie (WAW) and transfer to Białowieża Forest. After ca. 4 hrs drive we will check in at our guesthouse in Białowieża and after a hearty Polish dinner the guide will introduce you to the area and talk about the plans for the next days.

Day 2

Bison Safari

European Bison in the Białowieża Forest

European Bison seen early morning in the Białowieża Forest

This early morning our guide will take you for a safari like trip in search of wild European Bison. There are over 500 Bison living in the wild in the Białowieża Forest and we have probably the best local knowledge on where to find them. We will have a short drive in our minibus to scan the forest edge or go for a walk or even visit a few different sites in a more safari style.

After a substantial breakfast we will offer a guided trip at one of our favourite nature reserves in the forest. You will see the real wilderness, huge trees and get a chance of more wildlife. It is not rare that we see some Deer, Pine Marten, Fox or some rare birds like Lesser Spotted Eagle or Pygmy Owl. There are also a few packs of Wolves and several Lynx in the Białowieża Forest and if you’re lucky we may see their tracks and signs.

Wolf footprints in the snow @ our wolf tracking in 2015

We will have our packed lunch in the forest and the rest of the afternoon will be free for you to explore on your own, take a walk in the village, visit the National Park museum or chill out a local park, our hotel back yard or one of the small cafe’s.

At wintertime, we may offer Wolf tracking, a spectacular trip deep in the Wolf territory inside the forest. Winter is Wolves’ mating season and they are very active. Our guide will point out all the tracks and signs and teach you advanced tracking skills.

In the evening our guide will once again offer a Bison safari, different sites this time, to give you the best possible chance of watching these majestic animals in their natural habitat. We have seen wild Bison on all our previous weekend tours so far!

Day 3

Primeval Forest trip

After the usual hearty breakfast we will meet the National Park local guide and take a few hours walk through the strictly protected part of the Białowieża National Park, the Biosphere Reserve and the core area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the Białowieża National Park core area by Michael Eick

In the Białowieża National Park core area by Michael Eick

Our trail takes you back in time a few thousand years, when most of Europe was covered with a similar habitat. The dense, natural mixed-deciduous forest of huge, centuries-old trees that host thousands of other species, many of which are on the verge of extinction: insects, lichens and hundreds of colourful fungi growing on dead wood.

This area is also home for several species of rare woodpeckers like Black, White-backed or Three-toed and we often see some of them. Large mammals, however, hide very well in the dense vegetation and are rarely seen on this walk as we mustn’t get off the marked path.

This trip became a highlight of the tour for many of our previous visitors. Our expert guides share their deep knowledge with enthusiasm that changes the way you view nature. It’s like being transported into a BBC wildlife documentary. An unforgettable experience.

After our usual traditional Polish dinner back at the lodge, we may offer a yet another short outing in search of Beavers or other nocturnal wildlife just to make the best use of your time out in the wilderness.

Day 4


In the Warsaw old town

In the Warsaw old town

This morning, after our last hearty breakfast (don’t worry, you will get used to it by the end of the holiday) we will set off for a ca. 4 hours journey back to Warsaw. We plan to arrive at Warsaw by 12:00, have a short walk in the Old Town and sit at a small restaurant for a traditional Polish lunch.

Around 16:00 we will drop you off at a hotel, if you stay in Warsaw or drive you to the WAW airport. Participants book a hotel or flights back home at their own expense.

Just a sample of videos and photographs from our previous Bison Safari tours to give you an idea of what it’s like here.

For more videos, please visit our YouTube channel here ›

Herd Of European Bison At Sunrise In The Białowieża Forest
Watching European Bison In The Białowieża Forest
European Bison In The Białowieża Forest At Dawn
A Herd Of Bison At Dusk In The Białowieża Forest
Entering The Strict Protection Area Of The Białowieża National Park
In The Białowieża National Park Strict Reserve
Honey Mushroom In The Białowieża Forest
Black Woodpecker Seen On Our Trip In The Białowieża National Park
Wolf Footprint In The Białowieża Forest
A Road Through The Białowieża Forest
Our Group At The Recent Wolf Kill - A Red Deer Stag, Białowieża Forest
European Bison In The Białowieża Forest
European Bison In The Białowieża Forest

The ancient forest was simply wonderful. I very much liked the rich biodiversity of Eastern Poland and getting to have an introduction to Polish food, beer and hospitality.

– Mark Shorrock, UK – 10 Aug 2017

It was traditional and authentic, not commerical.

– Helen Bascombe, UK – 14 Jul 2017

Walking in the Białowieża Forest is a wonderful and unique experience – calming and invigorating at the same time. Wild Poland is a very efficient and helpful tour company with which I will happily do more tours. Our guide, Andrzej, was superb.

– Joan Crain, USA – 14 Jul 2017

Everything was so perfect! Andrzej is so knowledgeable and has a wonderful sense of humour. The forest walk was amazing!

– Wong Hoi Man, Hong Kong – 7 Apr 2017

The holiday was really well organised and ran very smoothly, everything was included.

– George Sayer, UK – 24 Feb 2017

The highlight for me was the wolf kill, the reality to see! It was followed by close up with the bison. He was a “poser”, very impressing… Finally saw the bullfight. All in the company of good people.

– TerenceTruman, UK – 10 Feb 2017

I do not normally find plants very interesting but the guide in the strict reserve made the information much more interesting here, than in the tropics! Pleasantly surprised how close some encounters with the Bison were.

– Alec Watson, UK – 20 Feb 2017

It was such a wonderful experience to see wolves in the wild! Irek, our guide in a strictly protected area of the park was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

– Iwona Gileff, Australia – 6 Jan 2017

Seeing a Bison lying down and turning its head to lick its flank – this is what a prehistoric artist captured in a small bone carving. 21st century me has it on a memory card…

– Cobie Brinkman, Australia – 24 Oct 2016

The chance to visit the restricted area of the primeval forest is a fascinating and life-enriching experience. Peter was an outstanding guide with outstanding knowledge of native Polish wildlife and a clear passion for the natural world.

– Lyn Evans, UK – 24 Oct 2016

The evening walk, hearing and seeing owls, feeling of all the animals in the forest and us as part of it for a small amount of time – this made the tour for me.

– Chris Martin, UK – 10 Oct 2016

True wilderness to escape to for a little while. Both guides were obviously devoted to their soecialty and made the forest walks and wildlife spotting an absolute pleasure.

– John Stanford, UK – 10 Oct 2016

Sensational few days in Białowieża Forest with our expert guide Andy. Loved learning about forest ecology in particular. Biodiversity heaven!

– Karly Learmonth, Australia – 10 Oct 2016

Our guide Piotr was very enthusiastic. He didn’t gave up on finding wildlife. Every time we saw an animal, he got even more excited than the rest of the group. He was also very helpful. He really wanted everyone to be happy and enjoy the trip! Thank you Piotr!

– Lars van Gelder, Netherlands – 5 Sep 2016

Wonderful scenic tour led by an expert guide, exceeded my expectations. Peter was an excellent guide, the forest was beautiful. I enjoyed the walks, the scenery, the wildlife and all was very informative. It was wonderful to see Bison.

– Warwick Brown, UK – 5 Sep 2016

Certainly a responsible tourism that allowed us to see the wildlife and explore the forest without negative impact. The guiding was not only very professional with loads of local expertise, but very friendly and great company. We’ve had a brilliant time!

My connecting flight was delayed, so I missed pick-up and the Day 1 part of the tour. But this was no fault of Wild Poland! in fact they arranged the private transfer which saved me!

– Katy Ladbrook, UK – 5 Sep 2016

Białowieża is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Very different. Excellent guide – Peter’s enthusiasm for animals.

– Gail Shaw, UK – 5 Sep 2016

Just wanted to let you know that its was a superbly managed tour. Andrzej was really nice and took care of us well from the start to the end. The staff at Wejmutka were also very cordial and made us feel at home especially the Manager who ran the whole show single handedly (…) Will recommend it anyone else if they ask and hope to once again visit in the near future. Thanks for everything.

– Sushant Shetty, India, Mumbai – 7 Aug 2016

Enjoyed our tour very much: unique fauna and flora in a remote part of Europe. Characteristic hotel and knowledgable and friendly guide Andrzej. Also learned about culture, religion and history of this beautiful area.

– Fleur Claessens, The Netherlands – 1 Aug 2016

It was fantastic having an expert guide to point out many things in the forest that I would never have noticed and then explain their significance.

– Lucy Duncan, Australia – 1 Aug 2016

Hi Tomasz, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Bison Safari in June. Our guide Andrzej was excellent, the programme of walks was perfect and our stay at Wejmutka was delightful.

Having seen the Bialowieza Forest, I realise how lucky I am to have visited this unique place.

– Richard Turner, UK – 6 Jul 2016

Exceeded all my expectations!

– Rebecca Allen, UK – 20 Jun 2016

I came to see bison and we saw them every day. Seeing elks, pine marten, pygmy owl, and many other animals was certainly an added value!

– Henry Rasmussen, Denmark – 18 Apr 2016

It’s no exaggeration to say we enjoyed every moment of our stay in Bialoweiza – our guide was extremely knowledgable, helpful at all times and ensured we had a great stay. We were excited to visit after reading the itinerary and it was every bit as good as we hoped – or better. We will definitely come back for more Wild Poland tours!

– Dan Nixon, UK – 19 Oct 2015

Everything about our trip to Bialoweiza was great! Lukasz was extremely knowledgable and seeing all different mammals and birds was amazing. Definitely want to book again with Wild Poland 🙂

– Nicole Allie, USA – 19 Oct 2015

Thank you so much for the trip & for sharing the photo you took. Again, I must say we were most impressed with the service your company provides. From your prompt response when we initially inquired, to your willingness to accommodate our request for a special (non-scheduled) tour … Not to mention the instant refund when we mistakenly booked the wrong date.

Also thank you for sharing your tips on what to wear/bring and your great knowledge of the local wildlife &  forest habitat. I am sure, without you, we would not have had the privilege of spotting some Bison. A very special experience indeed !!

– Linda & John, USA – 1 May 2015

Great guide, great food, great adventure!

– Mae Smith, UK – 24 Apr 2015

Thank you so much for taking us out into the Bialowieza Forest in Poland, we had an amazing time and really enjoyed our short break. We were really thrilled when we eventually saw the Bison, I’m so pleased the waiting paid off. The foxes were fantastic in the glade, too.

I can’t wait to return to the forest and visit the marshes, possibly in spring. Thanks once again.

– Robyn Watson, UK – Sept 2013

100% Money Back Guarantee with Wild Poland

By booking, you will be asked to pay a deposit to confirm your place. In a rare case that we have to cancel the departure because of insufficient number of participants, you will be refunded the full deposit amount. We charge in PLN, so if your card is held in EUR or GBP small differences in the refunded amount may occur because of exchange rates.

Dates Status Spaces Price Book
6 Mar – 9 Mar 2020


limited 3250 PLN Book now
3 Apr – 6 Apr 2020 available 3250 PLN Book now
5 Jun – 8 Jun 2020


available 3250 PLN Book now
17 Jul – 20 Jul 2020 available 3250 PLN Book now
11 Sep – 14 Sep 2020 available 3250 PLN Book now
23 Oct – 26 Oct 2020 available 3250 PLN Book now
18 Dec – 21 Dec 2020 available 3250 PLN Book now
8 Jan – 11 Jan 2021 available 3250 PLN Book now
19 Feb – 22 Feb 2021 available 3250 PLN Book now


4 days, 3 nights

Cost per person

PLN 3250 (ca. €760)
Deposit: PLN 800
Single room: PLN 300

Very small groups

4 – 9 participants

Accommodation & Food


Transportation & Guiding



NOT included

Tour map

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