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Biebrza Trip Report In Anima Mundi Magazine

Biebrza trip report in Anima Mundi magazine

This time we are happy to share another great piece of work and art of our friends Antonella & Andrea Ferrari.

In the issue #5 of the Anima Mundi magazine they covered in detail their trip to the Biebrza Marshes with us in autumn 2010 and the Biebrza elk even made it onto the cover of the magazine! Hooray! 🙂

If you haven’t seen it yet – don’t wait and visit to download the hi-res version, it’s free! The photographs are fantastic – as usual and expected and the text is a must read if you are planning your holiday here.

Also – don’t miss the 6 short Anima Mundi videos of Biebrza – another piece of art! You will find them inside the PDF or at Anima Mundi YouTube channel »

Many thanks again dear friends and congratulations for your fantastic and inspiring work, love the videos!



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  1. Thank you for the great company and wonderful insights you offered when we visited the Biebrza marshes together, Lukasz – you rock :-)! Next year…the Bieszczady mountains together, I want more adders, and a bear too this time :-)!

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