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Biebrza Marshes

European largest continental marshes of its kind

Basic facts

Biebrza Marshes are one of Europe’s last natural lowland river valleys. They cover an area of over 1000 km2 of wetlands, peat bogs and bog forests in the far north-east of Poland.

Saved from drainage by the non-intensive local farming, these fragile habitats became home for hundreds of rare species of birds, insects and plants that are now difficult to see anywhere else in Europe.

This area also holds a large population of Elk (Moose), European Beavers and a few packs of Wolves.

Elks (Moose) In The Biebrza Marshes
Elks (Moose) In The Biebrza Marshes
Elk In The Biebrza Marshes
Aquatic Warbler And Elk (Moose) In The Biebrza Marshes By Lukasz Mazurek
Beaver In The Biebrza Marshes, Poland
Ruff In The Biebrza Marshes

Things to see

January and February are the best months to see Elks, Beavers and Otters and each year we run our 8 day Winter Wildlife Festival › at that time.

From March to October, we run our flagship 8-day Primeval Forest & Marshes › tour each month. There is also the 9-day Spring Wildlife Festival › in May and a Summer Białowieża Festival › in August.

If you are into Elk (Moose) bulls with nice antlers, then late August to October is the time to come, check out our 8-day Primeval Forest & Marshes › tours that run at that time.

Where to stay

Biebrza Marshes are huge and there are a variety of different locations with reasonable accommodation options:

Wizna – small town with B&Bs and one Hotel, close to our Beaver Boat trip

Dobarz – small, quiet village on the edge of the National Park, our favourite location and starting point for all Wild Poland wildlife trips in the Biebrza Marshes

Goniądz – medium size town with two large hotels and several B&B.

Woźnawieś – small village far up north with just one hotel, close to our Wolf tracking trip but a bit too far for all other trips.

Dwór Dobarz

Stylish, wooden guesthouse and a restaurant. Comfortable rooms and great, local food.

Leśniczówka Biebrzańska

Small and modest family run guesthouse. Great home made food. Simple but comfortable rooms, just less stylish than the other place. Free WiFi.


These are the venues located in a small, quiet village of Dobarz on the edge of the National Park – our favourite and most recommended location.

Dwór Dobarz guesthouse is also the starting point for all our wildlife trips in the Biebrza Marshes

How to get there

By far the best option is to fly into Warsaw, WAW or WMI airports, hire a car and drive to the Biebrza Marshes yourself. This is a huge area with limited public transport connections. 

See our suggested route to Dobarz village › (Google Maps link) 

Want to have transport and hotels booked? No problem, choose one of our tours here ›

Oh, and one more thing. Drive carefully and watch out for Elks on the road!

Elk (Moose) in the Biebrza Marshes by Łukasz Mazurek
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