Białowieża Forest


This list includes hotels and pensions plus selected high standard B&B places that have a website, functioning email or can at least communicate in English. The list doesn’t include all the accommodation available. In fact, there are many more B&B, agrotourist farms, camping grounds etc. but they don’t seem to advertise apart from a sign “rooms for rent” in their garden :)

To see the full list of accommodation in the Białowieża area – see local authorities polish pages here »

Name (URL) Type No. of beds Languages Comments
Hotel Białowieski Hotel *** 126 Eng, Deu Best location at the end of the village, perfect for early morning walks in the forest and river valley with plenty of birds and beavers in the river
Białowieża NP HQ Rooms Hotel 38+ Eng Another great location just next to the NP HQ inside the Palace Park that is full of birds. A stonethrow from the Strict Reserve of the NP. No restaurant inside but there is one just nextdoor
Sioło Budy Pension 28 Eng, Deu, Rus Good location in the Budy village in the centre of the forest. Excellent food, nice atmosphere, genuine local style.
Agrotourist Farm
"U Heleny i Piotra"
B&B 12 Eng, Rus no comments yet
Circus Carriages
in Pasieki
Summer House 2 + 4 Deu, Fra, Eng Interesting adventure for families
Hotel Żubrówka Hotel **** 140+ Eng, Deu, Rus Located in the centre of the Białowieża village - good for early morning walks in the surrounding meadows or Palace Park and the ponds
Dwór Soplicowo Hotel 160+ Eng, Deu, Rus Located at the entrance to the village, thatch roof style
Wejmutka Pension   Eng Relatively new but already praised, centrally located, close to the meadows and the Palace Park and the ponds there.
Pensjonat Unikat Pension 56 Eng, Deu Located near the centre of the village, serves great if not the best food.
Restauracja Carska Pension 6 Eng, Deu Posh style and prices but a great location by the village near the forest edge - in the centre of meadows and river valley that are full of birds
Pensjonat Gawra Pension 50 (Eng) Centrally located by the Żubrówka Hotel
Youth Hostel (website only in polish) Hostel 46 (Eng) Located in the centre of the village, very cheap
Agrotourist Farm Chatka Puchatka B&B 17 Eng no comments yet
Agrotourist Farm Dom Zajezdny Pension 18 Eng, Deu no comments yet
Ostoja Pension & Summer Houses 52 Eng no comments yet
Domek Zapiecek B&B 6 Eng no comments yet
Villa Wisent Self contained House   Deu  
Historisches Försterhaus Self contained House   Deu  

Tour operators:

These are Poland-based tour operators, specialist travel agencies featuring wildlife holidays, tours and one day trips in Poland.

Name (URL) Speciality Languages Contact
WildPoland, yes that's us! Birds, Mammals, Trees, Fungi, Photography Eng, (Deu)
tel. +48 (0)85 674 3722
fax. +48 (0)85 674 3541
Bird Service Birds, Mammals, Butterflies, Plants, Photography Eng, Deu  
Wildlife Poland Birds, Mammals, Butterflies, Plants, Photography Eng  
Wisent Reisen Birds, Mammals Deu  

Local guides:

These guys really know their job. Hire them for a day out and you’ll see a lot more than you expect.

Name (URL) Speciality Languages Contact
Łukasz Mazurek,
yep that's me!
Birds, Mammals, Photography Eng, (Deu)
mobile: +48 501 797 251
Arek Szymura Birds, Mammals, Plants, Fungi Eng, (Deu)  
Mateusz Szymura Birds, Mammals, Plants, Fungi, Photography Eng  

Trip reports:

Internet’s full of free advice – trip reports. Use other’s experience to plan your own trip.

Contains trip reports from all locations together. Click on column name to sort.

Website (URL) Location Speciality Language Comments Biebrza
all over Poland
Birds Eng, Ger, Swe, Dan, Dut Great resources of over 80 trip reports from all over Poland Biebrza
all over Poland
Birds Eng Very informative trip reports from recent years Western Poland Birds Eng Great travelling resources and 1 trip report from western and sourthern Poland
Birdseekers Holidays Biebrza
Birds Eng One birding report from 2005
The Travelling Naturalist Biebrza
Birds Eng Several birding tours reports
Iberian Wildlife Tours Biebrza
Birds, Mammals Eng An interesting trip report from winter 2005
Naturetrek Biebrza
Birds, Mammals Eng A list of several interesting trip reports from winter, spring and autumn tours in NE Poland
Greentours Biebrza
Birds, Mammals Eng 2 trip reports from Poland Biebrza
all over Poland
Birds Eng Great resources of over 20 trip reports and lots of useful information

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