Białowieża Forest

The last Primeval Forest in lowland Europe

Basic facts

Białowieża Forest is the last remaining primeval forest in the lowland Europe. It covers an area of over 1500 km2 in the tranquil corner of Poland and Belarus.

Saved from logging, this forest became home for several rare species of birds, hundreds of insects and thousands of mushrooms. Most importantly, it became world’s last refuge for European Bison – the largest land mammal on our continent. 

Centuries old Oak, Elm, Lime and several other species of trees grow here together in a tremendous variety of habitats. For this diversity, age and largely natural structure it has been recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site now visited by thousands from all over the world.

  • Bison in the Białowieża Forest at dawn
  • Pygmy Owl in the Białowieża Forest by Łukasz Mazurek
  • White-backed Woodpecker in the Białowieża Forest
  • Wolves seen at dawn on Wild Poland Wolf Howling trip, Białowieża Forest, February 2014
  • Middle Spotted Woodpecker seen on our trip in the Białowieża National Park

Things to see

January and February are the best months to see European Bison and go tracking Wolves in the beautiful snowy landscape during our 7 day Winter Mammals › or 4 day Winter Bison & Wolves › Tours.

From April until November we run a popular Bison & Wolves › weekend tour every two weeks. This tour is your best chance to find these elusive animals. There are also optional birdwatching trips to choose from and they are best suited for a given season.

If you travel independently and only wish to join a guided trip, check out our rich offer of Wildlife Trips ›

If you are a dedicated birder, then your best choice is joining our Birdwatching Festival › in May.

Where to stay

Białowieża Forest is a large area and there are several towns and villages around with reasonable accommodation.

However, Białowieża village is most central and has by far the best offer of various facilities, including bike rental, restaurants, not to mention National Park headquarters and museum. 

We recommend staying there, especially that all our trips in the Białowieża Forest start in the centre of the village, at the Wejmutka guesthouse.


Pl. Outback

A new guesthouse with clean and modern rooms, all with private facilities. Shared kitchen facilities and lounge/terrace area. No breakfast. Free Wi-Fi.



Cosy, family run, wooden guesthouse. Our favourite for gorgeous food, atmospheric interiors and home-like feel. Free WiFi.

Restauracja Carska

Apartamenty Carskie

Extravagant restaurant and very stylish rooms with vintage 19th century furnishing and decorations.


These are the venues located at a side of the Białowieża village, slightly off the main road, perfect locations for early morning walks.

All our trips in the Białowieża Forest start at the Wejmutka guesthouse.

How to get there

By far the best option is to fly into Warsaw, WAW or WMI airports, hire a car and drive to the Białowieża village yourself. This is a large area with limited public transport connections. 

See our suggested route to Białowieża village › (Google Maps link) 

Want to have transport and hotels booked? No problem, choose one of our Wildlife Weeks › or Wildlife Weekends › tours.

Oh, and one more thing. Drive carefully and watch out for Bison on the road!

Bison in the Białowieża Forest by Łukasz Mazurek