Białowieża Forest Wild Trips

Feel the ancient heartbeat

Białowieża Forest by Mateusz Szymura

Białowieża Forest by Mateusz Szymura

You will Step your foot in the last European primaeval forest. A natural stand of centuries old Oak, Lime, Ash, Hornbeam, Spruce and over 20 other species of trees. Stronghold of European Lowland Bison, Wolf and Lynx. Home for rare woodpeckers and flycatchers, timid Hazel Hen and clever Nutcracker. Finally – a refuge for hundreds of species of rare and colourful fungi.

Experience the beginningless cycle

In the spring and summer we will take you for bird and mammal watching. Autumn is even better for mammals in the rutting season as well as abundant fungi. Finally winter is still undiscovered with loads of snow and its best chances of seeing wild Bison close!

Thorough insight

We will get the full experience of eastern Europe and interact with locals. We will go shopping for fresh fruit and sausage at the town market. You are also free to take your time to admire vivid wooden architecture, chat to locals or visit the Belarus border.

Nature trips

Primaeval Forest

Learn about the natural forest and its centuries-old trees walking through a World Heritage Reserve

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Fragrant Forest

See dozens of vivid and aromatic fungi species in a primaeval forest

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Primaeval Birdlife

Watch the Woodpeckers, Flycatchers, Warblers and much more in the Strict Protection Area of the National Park

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Undiscovered Forest

Nutcrackers, Barred Warblers and Hazel Hen plus much more in the natural forest

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Dawn Patrol

Be it Hazel Hen, woodpeckers or wablers – see them before breakfast

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Owl Prowl

Watch some of the World’s smallest owls – the Pygmy Owl in its primaeval habitat plus large forest mammals at dusk

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Mammal watching

Bison Fest

Watch European Bison in their winter habitat and take great photos!

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Bison Patrol

Dawn or dusk Bison search in their summer habitat around primaeval forest

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Evening Thrill

Depending on the season, watch Beavers, Wild Boar, Red Deer or even European Bison in the evening

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Booking and availability

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